How to Find Dark Web Links in a Secure Way?

Dark Web Links


If you have been on the internet for any length of time. Then there is a good chance that you have heard about the Dark Web. The Dark web is a server where people can buy and sell anything they want. Without worrying about who will find out or what will happen to them. If they do get caught. No matter how illegal it may be, everything from guns to drugs is available for purchase on the Dark Web.

But many people don’t understand how this all works. It can be scary if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. So that everyone can feel more comfortable going into the Deep Web. And knowing exactly what they need to avoid and what to do in case something goes wrong.

No matter what else you buy on the Dark Web. You will always need to use Tor before accessing any site that is not indexed by Google or Bing. That may not be a problem for most people. But if you don’t know how to do it, then things can go wrong very quickly.

There are many guides online; however; they all seem to make the process complicated and time-consuming. For now, we would like to provide something much simpler for everyone interested in browsing the Deep Web. If there is one thing to remember about using Tor it’s this: Less Is More.


How to Find Dark Web Links in a Secure Way?

In order to find a Dark Web link, you must use a Tor browser. Tor has become popular in recent years. And there are now several browser options available for download – the original being the most well-known. However, it’s not necessary to download one of these browsers when you can easily get them from us instead. Simply follow our simple instructions below and you will be browsing dark web links within minutes!


Step 1:

Go to https://dark-web— If this page doesn’t work for some reason, then try using another trusted site such as


Step 2:

Click the link that says, “Tor Browser”. This is the only one you will need to use for now.


Step 3:

After clicking the tor browser download button. Now you may be asked if you would like to run or save this file. If so, click on save.

How to Find Dark Web Links in a Secure Way

Step 4:

Once it’s complete, go ahead and open up your Downloads folder (or wherever else you saved it). Then double click the file called tor browser-install-4.0.2_en-US.exe. You can also just search for it on your computer by typing ‘tor’ into the search bar at the bottom of any window. That should show Tor Browser as an option already.


Step 5:

Just follow the prompts and install it as you would any other program.


Step 6: Now open up Tor Browser and wait for your computer to connect. It will ask you if you want to configure settings. This is where some people start getting lost, but you can just press okay or cancel. Then it will send you back to the previous screen where all you need to do is click on ‘Connect’.

Sometimes, this part can take a little longer than expected. It depends on how many hops your signal needs to go through. Once connected, there should be a green onion symbol in the top left corner of your browser window that says “online”. Clicking on this will show the words ‘Congratulations! Your browser is configured to use Tor.


Where to get real Dark Web links?

The dark web is the section of the internet that cannot be found using search engines. It contains hidden services including anonymous marketplaces, encrypted messaging services, forums, as well as things like child pornography sites. Which are not indexed by search engines.

For many people who are curious about all of the illegal things on the dark web, one common question is “where do I start?” The answer isn’t necessarily simple because there are thousands of different places to visit but most will contain scams or viruses so it’s always best, to begin with, these ten websites.


1) Onion Links 

This website has a lot of tutorials which is great for beginners and they also provide a list of many different hidden services on the dark web.

2) Reddit

This community will show you how to access the dark web as well as track illegal services such as weapons, drugs, and fake IDs!

3) Grams 

This is one of my favorite places because not only do they offer lots of tutorials but it contains an automated search engine with hundreds of listings containing drug-related products and services.

Where to get real Dark Web links

4) Silk Road

The original marketplace for drugs with thousands of listings; this website also has forums and a high level of privacy with PGP keys and bitcoin mixers.


5) Mr. Nice Guy’s Store 

One of my favorite links contains books and films, computer software tools and tutorials as well as drugs and other items.


6) AlphaBay Market 

This is one of the newer black markets with a very high level of security; it contains hundreds of listings for all kinds of things such as weapons, malware, counterfeit items, and people such as hitmen!


7) Dream Marketplace 

One of my favorite dark web links because it’s filled with many different products but also has forums and a great community.


8) BMR 

The biggest marketplace on the dark web can be accessed via onion links (Tor browser). It offers an automated search engine and thousands of listings for anything you could possibly desire.


9) Outlaw Market 

Another huge marketplace that not only has books, drugs, and guns but also furniture, apparel, and lots of other items.


10) Nucleus Market

This marketplace isn’t as popular because it’s only accessible via the I2P hidden service but it offers similar products to BMR.


How to Use These Dark Web Links?


Dark web links should only be used by those who know how to use them and understand the risks involved. For beginners, I recommend onion links because it has a large list of hidden services as well as tutorials. It’s important to remember that sites such as these are illegal. So never view or purchase anything illegal or you could face consequences such as time in prison.


Types Of Dark Web Links:


Ensure you know exactly what you are looking for before browsing any dark web links.

Here are the top 15 types of links you should avoid when searching for anything on the deep web:


  1. Gambling Sites

Gambling, in general, is already illegal for the majority of people in the world, and it’s no different when you’re on the Dark Web. Any site that offers any type of gambling, whether it’s poker or slots, is not safe and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Tutorials

There are some tutorial sites that will teach you how to do something rather than sell anything – but they’re normally extremely overpriced and get shut down very quickly because they tend to attract a large following which attracts attention from law enforcement agencies.3.Drugs: Drugs of all kinds are readily available on the dark web.

Types Of dark Web Links

However, just because they’re there doesn’t mean that you should get them. Buying or selling drugs of any kind is illegal in most countries and it’s possible to be caught by law enforcement agencies if you do not know what you are doing.


  1. Weapons

There are had several cases where people have used the dark web to buy weapons illegally without having made thorough checks about whom they were dealing with first. These deals can turn sour very quickly so only ever consider purchasing weapons on the dark web if you are absolutely sure about who you’re dealing with.

  1. Classified Information

If people like Edward Snowden did not take classified information to the dark web, it would probably be much safer. However, the problem is that too many people do this which in turn makes it a dangerous place to visit.

Classified government information should never be purchased on the dark web because you won’t know who you’re actually dealing with and what they will do with this information when they get their hands on it.


  1. Personal Information

Personal information of any kind has been sold on the deep web for a number of reasons. But none of them are legal or morally sound in any way shape or form. Before making a purchase that includes personal information such as social security numbers, bank account details, and so on, remember that you could potentially be aiding cyber criminals by purchasing this type of information and that it could be used against you at a later stage.

  1. Fake Documents

Fake documents usually just amount to novelty value and should not be trusted for any reason at all. There have been several cases of fake passports being sold on the dark web only to find out that they are extremely poor quality forgeries. If you really want to buy a fake passport, make sure it’s from a trusted source that is not the dark net.

  1. Forums

Forums are normally run by administrators who have the power to delete and edit posts. This means that anything posted on a forum can usually be edited to say whatever they want it to say.

It’s just not safe to use forums of any kind while using the dark net because you’ll never know whether or not somebody is going to tap into your conversations and change the details without you knowing about it.


  1. Sites with Unclear Ownership

In most cases, sites with unclear ownership will belong to cyber criminals selling malware or stolen credit card details. These sites should definitely be avoided at all costs!

  1. Any Other Illegal Activity

There are plenty of things on the dark web that could land you in hot water with law enforcement agencies so only ever purchase anything that is legal to buy on the normal web.

  1. Forums

Forums are normally run by admins and mods who have the power to delete posts, ban people, and edit/delete posts. This means that anything posted can either be edited or deleted to say whatever they want it to say. It’s just not safe to use forums of any kind while using the dark net because you’ll never know whether or not somebody is going to tap into your conversations and change the details without you knowing about it.

  1. Sites with Unclear Ownership

In most cases, sites with unclear ownership will belong to random people selling anything from drugs, counterfeit items, stolen goods sold under a fake name, etc. These sites should definitely be avoided at all costs!


13. Any Other Illegal Activity

There are plenty of things on the dark web that could land you in hot water with law enforcement agencies. So only ever purchase anything that is legal to buy on the normal web.

  1. Buy Weapons

People tend to think that you can easily purchase any type of weapon imaginable on the deep web when this is not actually true. It is possible to purchase firearms but it’s very rare and usually done in exchange for bitcoin (cryptocurrency).

However, even if somebody does sell weapons they will most likely be replicas or non-working models. Because there are no ways around customs checks. Most people who try to purchase weapons online end up getting scammed. Which causes more problems for everybody else trying to make legitimate purchases.

  1. Buy Drugs

It’s very easy to buy drugs online through the deep web. But you also need to remember that what you see might not be what it seems. If you are buying LSD, marijuana or any other type of drug then make sure that it comes from a trusted source! Make sure that the product is correctly described and packaged before making your payment.

  1. Buy Counterfeit Cash

Most people who are selling counterfeit cash will say that they are doing so because they cannot safely obtain bank notes without getting caught. However, if somebody has managed to get their hands on large quantities of fake money then why sell small amounts? This is almost always done either for money laundering purposes or for funding terrorist groups. More about the Darknet.


  1. Buy Stolen Credit Cards 

Most of the time, people who sell stolen credit cards will do so using a fake name and a fake story. This means that it’s almost impossible to determine. Whether or not somebody is being truthful about their products until it’s too late. We have seen large quantities of stolen credit card details being sold on the dark web. But they never seem to contain any valid security codes. Because nobody knows how to properly dispose of them!

  1. Services

Almost all of the services offered on the dark web are scams. This is because most people who purchase these services will not want to share any sort of incriminating information with somebody they cannot trust. Therefore, anybody attempting to sell a service online should never be considered trustworthy.

  1. Instructional Tutorials

If you’re into hacking then this type of content might seem exciting but it’s highly unlikely that they actually contain anything useful for your own purposes. Hacktivists and cyber terrorists make up a lot of this content and it usually contains decoys that lead you in the completely wrong direction! There are plenty of ways to learn about hacking but only a few websites produce quality tutorials that don’t give away all their secrets right away.


  1. Bitcoin Mining Software

A lot of the bitcoin mining software which is sold on the dark web has already been purchased in bulk by cyber criminals. This means that you will probably end up purchasing useless software before it gets flagged by law enforcement agencies and taken down forever!

Things to know before visiting Dark Web Links:


1) Dangerous – Ensure that you don’t visit the links to the dark web without understanding what is contained. There are many forums and marketplaces for cybercriminals.


2) Never Share Your Personal Information – When visiting Dark Web Links ensure that you never share your personal details. Such as name and address to prevent yourself from becoming a target.


3) Hidden & Untraceable – Ensure that you connect via VPN or Tor browser so it’s hidden and untraceable- this will protect you from hackers and law enforcement agencies.


4) Unsafe Coin Mixers – Ensure all coin mixers used such as bitcoin fog are safe. Before using them because most use spyware to steal information!


5) Trustworthy Sources Only – Only purchase products or download files from trusted sources.


6) Not Legal – The products and files offered on the dark web are not legal (except for porn, which is allowed).


7) Accept Risks- It’s very important to know that there are risks with visiting Dark Web Links including losing money & information or getting hacked!


8) Check Reviews- Before using any products always check reviews from trusted sources such as Reddit!


9) Separate Personal from Work – Be sure to keep your work separate from personal computers. Otherwise, your company could get in trouble for storing illegal things in their office


10) Don’t Participate in Crime – You can look but never touch otherwise you will be breaking the law and may face time in prison! Thank you for reading- please share this article!



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