Access Safely To the Dark Web Links In 2022


A very safe dark web links guide

Everything has a much deeper layer than what we can see on the surface, and the internet works in the same way. There is the normal internet that we use daily for our work, social media, and many other things. However, the internet goes much deeper than that, and that inaccessible layer is known as the dark web.

Accessing the dark web is not safe unless you know what you are doing and take the necessary precautions. So, if you are looking to learn more about this uncharted territory, you have come to the right place. Here is a complete guide to safely accessing dark web links in 2022.

What Is the Dark Web?

Before we move on to access the dark web safely, you must understand what it is and what it offers. In simple terms, the dark internet is part of the internet that is not visible to us. You can only access this part of the web using a special browser known as The Onion Router (Tor).

Using the Tor browser, you can easily surf the dark internet. But, of course, the best part about using this browser is that it will also offer you access to websites that aren’t available on our regular internet. The collection of all these dark links and websites is known as the dark web.

While it is not too challenging to access the dark web, you must still consider your safety. That is because the dark internet is an unregulated place, and there can be cybercriminals anywhere you go. So, you must know exactly what to do when you access and enter the dark web for a smooth experience.

Dark Web and Legal Concerns

Many people believe that the dark web is not legal, but it is in most parts of our world. Besides that, even using Tor is legal, which is why you will not be violating any laws when accessing this part of the web. Remember that if you are taking part in illegal activities through the dark web, then that would be violating the law.

That is why it is crucial that you avoid any illegal activities taking place on the dark web. The primary aim of the Tor browser and dark web is to protect your privacy right. However, local laws on your use of the dark web can differ.

So, it is vital that you understand the laws of your region before you decide to undertake this activity. Once you do, you can begin safely accessing the dark web within no time. If you want to know What services you will get from the deep web in 2022, you can click on the link and you can read about this.

What Is the Dark Web

A Guide to Safely Access Dark Web Links In 2022

Now that you are familiar with the basics of the dark web, it is important to know how to safely access dark web links. It is not too difficult, and you can do it within no time. So, here is your complete guide to safely accessing dark web links in 2022:

  1. Understand the Basic Rules of the Game

The dark web is not an easy place to navigate by any means. A lot tends to go wrong for first-timers if they don’t know what they are doing. That is because the place is the hub for phishing websites, malware, scammers, etc.

While many people think they can learn from their mistakes, it is better not to make these mistakes in the first place on the dark web. It can lead to you using money, infecting your computer, and more. So, the key to exploring the dark web links is to know exactly what you want to do and how you will do it.

Here are the most important basic rules of the game that you must understand before you begin your dark web journey:

  • As someone looking to make a profit through crypto, you must understand how the currency works, the blockchain, and what are the reliable platforms on the dark web to deal with other crypto users
  • If you are only an explorer, be sure to understand how to stay safe as you navigate the dark web
  • If you are using the dark web for whistleblowing purposes, it is important to remain anonymous. It will help you prevent blowing your cover

These are the three basic rules of the game, depending on why you want to use the dark web. So, understand these rules before you decide to jump on the dark web bandwagon.

  1. Leverage the Power of a Live Mobile Operating System (OS)

Many people think that they are automatically anonymous when they are on the dark web. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You still need to take the right precautions to safely protect your anonymity from surfing the web.

Remember that operating systems, such as Windows 10 are not ideal if you are looking for anonymity and privacy on the dark web. If you don’t believe us, here are the top things Windows does that do not protect your anonymity and privacy:

  • It collects your personal data, such as identity, user data, passwords, interests and habits, locations, contacts, and more
  • When you use Windows, the device you are using it on is automatically linked to an advertising ID for third parties
  • Windows constantly syncs your data, such as WiFi hotspots, app settings, open websites, browser history, and more
  • It collects various other data, such as music playlists, keystrokes, online purchases, calendars, audio messages, and more

A Guide to Safely Access Dark Web Links In 2022

Yes, that is how much personal data you give to these organizations when you use any device. Because of this, if a cybercriminal tries to hack into your system through the dark web, then even they will exploit all this data. So, the best solution we can offer you is to use a live mobile OS to browse the dark web, such as Qubes, ZuesGuard, Whonix, or Tails.

  1. Time to Utilize A VPN

Just because you are using the Tor browser, it does not mean that your internet traffic is encrypted. That is because even after using such a browser, your traffic can still be traced back to you by anyone who has enough resources and time on their hands. Therefore, safety precautions are of utmost importance when navigating the dark web.

It is important that you utilize a VPN to encrypt your web traffic and guarantee that your IP address is hidden from government surveillance, hackers, or anyone else. Even if there is a leak in the Tor network, using a VPN will protect your anonymity and privacy. However, one thing to remember is that not all VPN providers are reliable or secure.

So, you must do research on the most reliable VPNs that work the best with the Tor browser. We recommend that you don’t use a free version of any VPN, as that can lead to security leaks, data limits, and slow speed. If you are serious about exploring dark web links, you can opt for a secure and paid VPN.

Another thing to remember is that live mobile operating systems don’t support VPNs. So, if you are using a live mobile OS, you can simply skip this step and move on to the next one.

  1. All about Downloading Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is a unique browser that will help you access the dark web in no time. We have various browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, to help us navigate and offer access to regulated websites on the World Wide Web. However, if you want to visit unregulated websites, these browsers will not offer you such access.

That is where Tor comes in. It allows people to go on the dark web and access all the dark web links. Most of the users of this browser also use it to access the normal internet.

If you are using a live mobile operating system, they will already have pre-installed the Tor browser. So, you can skip to the next step if that is the case in the case. On the other hand, you must install the Tor browser if you are using an Android, Linux, Mac, or Windows.

All about Downloading Tor Browser

Remember to download the original browser from their real website. That is because there are many fake versions of this browser that are used to monitor users and their behavior. You can click here for the official website of the Tor browser.

The browser also keeps on updating, which is why you must download the latest one. Even after that, be sure to keep it up to date with the latest security precautions so that you can easily explore the dark web.

Accessing Dark Web Links with the Tor Browser

Now that you know how to download the Tor Browser, you must know how you can access the dark web links with this browser. The dark web links always have a URL that ends with “.onion.” Of course, if you enter this link on the regular browser, nothing will open up.

Tor ensures that the user can browse with as much anonymity as possible. That is why all your requests in this browser will go through a network of many other computers. These are also continuously unpacked so that you can get to your destination.

For example, any browsing request you make will go through a guard node, relay nodes, and an exit node for request retrieval. Because of these safeguards, others will not find it possible to track all your browsing behavior.

  1. Securing Your Browsing Before Opening Tor

Even after you download the Tor browser, you still need to secure your browsing and take some precautions before you begin using it. That is why here are the top tips you can implement before you open your Tor browser:

  • Close your webcam with a piece of tape and a coin or opaque paper
  • Close all unnecessary services and apps from running on your computers, such as Netflix, OneDrive, password managers, and more
  • Turn your location off on the device you are using
  • If you are using a live mobile operating system, you will not have to worry about location leakage
  • Install an updated and well-known antivirus on your device
  • Install a high-quality anti-malware software
  1. Securing Browsing After Opening Tor

Your security and privacy checks don’t stop before you open the Tor browser. Even after you open the Tor browser, you still need to take precautions because the dark web has many cybercriminals and hackers that will exploit any details you provide. That is because if someone from the dark web hacks your system, they will have access to all the services and apps you have been running.

Of course, the best way to remain safe on the dark web is to ensure that a hacker does not get any or little information about you. So, here are a few things you can do:

  • Don’t randomly start browsing the dark web because it will never stop.
  • Don’t give out your personal information.
  • Don’t click on any dark web links that look suspicious.
  • Avoid leaving any traces of your presence on the dark web.

Securing Browsing After Opening Tor

Now that you know some ground rules, it is time for you to open the Tor browser. Once you do, you must not change the size of the browser screen. Yes, even such a small thing can keep you safe on this browser.

Besides that, you must never type directly on this browser. Instead, the best thing you can do is to type your search in a word document or notepad and copy-paste it to your browser. Many people don’t know this, but advanced methods that track you can also identify your unique way of typing.

While this may seem like a small detail, they matter, and they can help keep you anonymous. You can also check how well the Tor browser is secured against tracking. It will help you stay secure against invisible advertisements and many other trackers.

  1. Disable Scripts and Change Security Level in the Tor Browser

Once you start using the Tor browser, you can change the security level to keep yourself even safer. For example, you can change your security level from Safer to Safest in the browser. However, one thing you will notice is that such a setting will slow down the internet connection and might cause some websites not to fully function.

The highest security level setting will disable a few fonts, most audio and video formats, and some icons might not display. Some images might also not display properly, as the JavaScript is disabled. Here are the steps you can take to change the Tor browser’s security level:

  • Open the browser
  • On the upper right corner, click on the shield icon
  • Click Advanced Security Settings
  • Scroll to Security
  • Select Safer or Safest

The safest option will disable JavaScript on all websites. Of course, the option will still improve your safety in many ways. You can also manually turn off such scripts in the Tor browser.

Manually Disable Scripts in the Tor Browser

One of the best things you can do is you can manually turn off all the scripts in the Tor browser. You can also do this without changing the safety level of the Tor browser. If you are someone that wants more control over Tor, you can opt for this.

Here are the steps you can follow to manually disable the scripts in the Tor browser:

  • Open your Tor browser, and go to this address: about: config
  • Click on “I accept the risk”
  • A page will appear as soon as you click, and you can type in: xpinstall.signatures.required
  • Make sure that you double click this text
  • Check if the status is on modified and the value now reads falls. If that is the case, it means you just manually disabled the JavaScript

It is of utmost importance that you change the settings in this way because many websites will run scripts in your browser without alerting you. While this may not be too dangerous on our worldwide web, it is a different game altogether on the dark web. That is because onion websites are not regulated, and there is lots of malware sneaking around.

Manually Disable Scripts in the Tor Browser

When you block your scripts on the dark web, it will reduce your computer’s chances of becoming infected. Remember that even when you block scripts on the dark web, it will still not protect you from harm. That is why you must exercise extra caution when you are browsing dark web links.

  1. Check to See If You Are Still Facing A DNS or IP-Leak

You can take all the safety precautions in the world, but it is still possible to face a DNS or IP leak. That means that through some leak or bug, third parties can still easily trace your IP address on the dark web. For example, WebRTC is an important component of many browsers that allows you to communicate in real-time from your browser through the microphone or webcam.

However, the issue with this is that most of the voice calls that you send through peer-to-peer connections require your IP address. If you are on Google Chrome and WebRTC is running, then your actual IP address will be revealed even if you are using VPN. Such an issue is highly prevalent in Google Chrome.

If you want to avoid this feature and protect your privacy, you can do this through the WebRTC Network Limiter Chrome Extension. In addition, you can do online DNS or IP leak tests to see if your connection is fully anonymous. So, protect your browser against these leaks to make the most of your browsing.

  1. Don’t Believe the Various Dark Web Myths That Are Common

The dark web is filled with mysteries for many people. That is because only a few people take the time to explore it. Because of these mysteries, there are many myths that surround the dark web.

These include:

Dark Web Is A Place for All Cybercrime Activities

There is no place on the internet that is safe from all cybercriminals. Even our world wide web is the place to be for cybercriminals, and most such crime takes place there. Problems such as fraud and phishing are much more prevalent on the regular web.

The Dark Web Is Illegal To Access

This is a technicality, but you need to understand the dark web is not illegal. Instead, the Tor browser you use to access the dark web has incredibly powerful encryption and is illegal in a few countries. Besides that, a few countries have made the dark web illegal.

These include North Korea, Russia, China, Iraq, Turkey, and Belarus. Unfortunately, if you are from any of these countries, you can’t use the dark web, as it is deemed illegal.

The Dark Web Is Illegal To Access

The Dark Web Has Endless Websites and Dark Web Links

When you compare the dark web to the deep web, the former is smaller. That is because between 200,000 and 400,000 websites are on the dark web. On the other hand, our regular internet contains more than five billion pages.

All Activities on the Dark Web Are Illegal

Most people think that if you are accessing the dark web or dark web links, then you are doing something illegal. Remember that whether you are partaking in illegal activity or not depends on the region from which you are accessing the dark web. If you plan to use the dark web, you can apply this rule: if something is illegal in your region, it will be illegal on the dark web.

So, for example, if marijuana is not legalized in your country and you are using the dark web to sell or purchase it, then it will be illegal. That is why it is crucial you understand the laws of the country you are in before you decide to use the dark web for any purpose.

  1. Utilize Various Services That Keep You Anonymous

Even after taking all these precautions, you can still accidentally offer personal information. You can do this by using online services, such as emails, messengers, file sharing, extensions, and much more. That is because these online services use scripts, trackers, and cookies to gather information on you.

So, you can make use of many online services that will value your privacy on the dark web. Here are some of the top options you have that will help you protect your privacy within no time:

Use a Password Manager

Secure passwords are crucial on the regular web, but they have higher importance on the dark web. After all, it is a big hassle to come up with a strong password every time and store it safely. That is why you can use a strong password manager.

There are various good options that you can use. These include password managers, such as LastPass and Bitwarden. Both of these are open source and free, which is why you can easily start using these services from the website.

Opt For a Private Search Engine

If you want a great private search engine, it is best that you don’t use Google when looking for it. Instead, you can use DuckDuckGo on the dark web to look for a private search engine. Unfortunately, the search engine uses the Tor network, which is why it will be challenging for people to search the trackback to you.

You can use a private search engine to get the most private internet experience. So, be sure to check this out when you are trying to access dark web links.

The Dark Web Has Endless Websites and Dark Web Links

Share or Upload Files Anonymously

If you want to share or upload files on the dark web, then your best bet is to use OnionShare. It will respect your data and your privacy so that you can have an excellent anonymous experience. Once you start using OnionShare, you can easily upload or share files through the webserver.

  1. Always Avoid Payments, Logins, and Other Things

Whenever you are on the dark web, and you want to have a safe experience, then you must avoid things like payments, subscriptions, plugins, and logins. For example, it is not the best idea to log into your bank account when you are on the dark web. That is because when you log into an account on the regular or dark web, each activity on the website will be attributed to your profile.

That is why the best option is not to log into any of your accounts or profiles when you are using the dark web. However, there are some websites that will have a requirement of having an account for access. You can create a disposable and random email address in such a case.

The key is to create an account that will not personally identify you in any way, and then you can use such an account to browse any website you want. Even plugins in your browsers will have some sensitive and personal information about you, which is why you must disable them all before you begin using the dark web.

  1. Always Plan What You Have To Do On the Dark Web

If you have never used the dark web before, it can be challenging to navigate it. That is because it does not have a regular and popular search index, such as Google, to help your journey. Besides that, most dark web links that URLs that contain random numbers and letters which you won’t even remember.

That is why you must do your research and have the dark web links ready before you begin using them. In addition, we recommend that you don’t randomly click on websites on the dark web. The Hidden Wiki is one of the top pages that dark web users visit, and it will offer you access to various search engines and pages that you can visit on the dark web.

  1. Make Online Payments with Cryptocurrency

The dark web has many marketplaces where you can purchase different things. There are illegal and legal products on sale on the dark web, which is why it is best that you stick to the products that are legal in your country. Even while making payments, anonymity is crucial, which is why you can use cryptocurrency.

Always Plan What You Have To Do On the Dark Web

That is because if you use PayPal, a credit card, or your regular bank account, governments and companies will know. Of course, with cryptocurrency, that is not the case, and the buyers and sellers maintain their anonymity. Remember that if you are on the dark web and someone wants to arrange a transaction through standard payment methods, it means they are spying, hacking, or scamming you.

There are many options for you to use cryptocurrency. For example, Bitcoin is the most reputable cryptocurrency, but it does not offer a guarantee of privacy and anonymity. It has many privacy issues, such as connected nodes, address reuse, and more.

So, you can explore other cryptocurrencies that are safer for you to use. Another thing to remember is that you must exercise caution when you want to buy something on the web. That is because many illegal activities take place here, and you don’t want to unintentionally get caught with something criminal.

  1. When You Are Done, You Must Close Off Everything

If you have successfully done what you wanted to do on the dark web, then it is time to close everything. That means you must close everything, such as your browser, tabs, operating systems, and much more. You must shut all of it down and then go back to the standard operating system that you use daily.

Of course, if you want to add an extra layer of safety to your dark web exploration, then you can reboot your system. It will enable you to begin on a fresh note, and it will feel as if you did not just use the dark web for whatever you wanted to do.

  1. There Is No Such Thing as Complete Safety

While we have given you all the guidelines to access the dark web and dark web links safely, you must know that there is no such thing as complete safety when you are using the dark web. That is because hackers will always find ways to break the security systems and settings for entering this space.

Because of this, there is always a slight chance that you might unintentionally click on a corrupted link or give your personal information. Besides that, if your computer gets infected with some malware, then your internet use will become compromised, and that means you will no longer stay safe.

In simple terms, you can take all the precautions you like to keep yourself safe on the dark web, but there is no method that is 100% foolproof. So, all you can do is take the necessary precautions and remain careful of how you navigate the dark web.

When You Are Done, You Must Close Off Everything

  1. Do Your Research

Finally, before you begin using the dark web and dark web links, you must conduct as much research as possible on the dark web. That is because having such resources will help you on your journey as you navigate this new space. There are many online blogs, guides, and resources that will help you understand how you can navigate the deep web.

You might find some tips here that only users of the dark web would know from years of experience. So, do all your research, take the necessary precautions, and always assume that you are never 100% safe. All of these things will help you go a long way for whatever you want to do on the dark web.

How to Safely Access the Dark Web on Android

That was everything you needed to know about surfing the dark web on your computer. You can also safely access the dark web on your Android. Here is what you can do:

  • Opt for a VPN for your Android
  • Download the official application of the Android Tor
  • Begin with a connection to the VPN server
  • Open the Tor browser and begin browsing

You must still keep all the guidelines we have stated above in mind when accessing the dark web links on any system or browser. So, use it on your Android, keeping all these guidelines in mind.

How to Safely Access the Dark Web On An iPhone

Even as an iPhone user, you can safely access the dark web if you follow the right step. Of course, even for this, you must keep the above guidelines in mind for a safe experience. Here is how you can safely access the dark web on an iPhone:

  • Opt for a great VPN for your iOS device
  • Begin the download of a secure browser for your device
  • Connect to the VPN server
  • Open your browser application and begin

These are the four short steps you can follow to access the dark web safely on your iPhone. Remember that a good VPN is one of the most important things because it will protect your anonymity and privacy in the best way possible. So, be sure to select a good one for your dark web browsing needs.

Why Do People Use Dark Web Links?

Dark web links may have a bad reputation because they are mainly highlighted in the news for illegal acts. Despite that, many people find the web comforting because it offers them privacy. Here are the top reasons why people use dark web links:

  1. Maintain Anonymity

The primary reason to use dark web links is that they allow you to remain anonymous. Government officials cannot know your identity, and hackers can’t get your details. Of course, this also depends on the accounts you use for logging in. If you use a personal ID, your anonymity will be compromised, making you susceptible to different risks.

How to Safely Access the Dark Web on Android

However, you can easily maintain anonymity if you take all the safety precautions to access dark web links. Surfing this part of the internet will help you maintain privacy and avoid censorship restrictions. For instance, you can use the dark web to access a website that is unavailable in your country.

Besides that, you can also engage in political conversations on discussion forums without any worry. Some countries don’t allow their citizens to talk openly about politics on the internet. That is why you using this web to hide your identity will allow you to discuss politics.

  1. Expose Corruption

The dark internet may be linked to illegal activities, but it is also useful for legal things. You can use it to expose corruption within your workplace or country while keeping yourself safe from the consequences. The web also allows you to report illegal activities to the authorities without compromising your safety.

Many news channels such as CNN, NBC, and FOX have sites on the dark web to get anonymous tips. Some online magazines also have platforms on this part of the internet. Whistleblowers mainly use this web to expose sensitive information about celebrities, government officials, and other individuals. Journalists who can’t publish a story due to office politics also use this web.

The dark internet also allows activists to follow their principles and fight for justice without facing prosecution. This is why you may want to surf the dark web anonymously.

  1. Share Personal Incidents

Sharing personal stories is also prevalent on the dark internet because it maintains your anonymity. You don’t have to worry about your family finding out about the incident. It will save you from facing the consequences of sharing something you’ve been told to keep to yourself. This mainly happens with abuse victims who can’t raise their voices for different reasons.

The web allows people with traumatic experiences to share their stories and offer support to each other. Whether you have suffered from sexual abuse, physical abuse, cyber-bullying, or other crimes, you will encounter various people like you on the dark internet. This is why it can be a great place to connect with victims and feel less lonely.

Hearing the other stories can give you the courage to face your trauma and take action against your abuser. Besides that, it can also be a safe place to talk without revealing your identity. These things can help you continue with life and learn to cope with the traumatic experience.

  1. Buy Things

The dark internet is not mainly for surfing different websites and engaging in discussions. You can also use it for shopping for various things without facing restrictions. The top benefit is that you don’t have to worry about raising suspicion when buying an item. This is mainly an issue when purchasing a restricted thing in your country.

You can buy specific security software from the dark web to keep yourself safe in different conditions. The internet also lets you purchase electronic items at hefty discounts allowing you to afford things that you cannot normally purchase from a store. This web also offers access to medicines that may not be available in your native country.

However, you must be careful when buying specific things on the web because many items are stolen or illegal. This is why check the seller ratings and other buyers’ reviews for more reliability. You should also avoid using payment methods other than cryptocurrency to prevent data breaches by hackers.

  1. Join Communities

You may not find more like-minded people like yourself on the standard web or in real life. However, that may change after using the dark internet. Many people use this web to stay anonymous but true to themselves. There may be many things you want to share with someone but cannot because of the identity issue.

The dark internet has multiple communities for different topics and people. This web also helps many people struggling with their sexual identities find clarity. You will also encounter many same clubs as you do on the standard internet. The best part is that you can hide your ID and IP address this time without much effort.

Whatever your topic may be, you will find a forum or community on the dark web. However, you must be careful when accessing the links. It is best to avoid forums and groups which engage in illegal activities. For instance, leave the place where people share copyrighted content. Otherwise, you may open yourself to prosecution.

  1. Get Medical Advice

This is another reason the access the dark web links safely. Many people do not wish to visit their regular doctor for medical advice. Some individuals can also not afford to go to a clinic to ask questions. Luckily, you can get helpful medical advice from the dark internet. Many doctors offer help to different patients on the web.

A prime example of a drug counselor on the dark internet is DoctorX. The individual has been helping thousands of people get medical advice every day. During the initial stages of the practice, the counselor got 50,000 online visits. Many people asked questions about self-harm, drug addiction, and other sensitive topics.

Get Medical Advice

However, you must be careful when searching for a counselor on the web to avoid scams. There may be multiple DoctorX on the browser, and it may be tough to distinguish between reliable ones. So be sure to do thorough research and not share personal details such as your real name and bank information.

Reasons to Safely Access Dark Web Links

Dark web links may offer many legal benefits to careful users who do not engage in illegal activities. However, such people can still get into trouble because of the different loopholes. Here are some reasons to help you understand why you must use the earlier safety precautions to access dark web links:

  1. Malware Threats

The dark internet is home to many hacktivists who gather to prevent different digital attacks. At the same time, it also harbors cybercriminals who use hacking to attack vulnerable users. These people create fake sites with malware to infect your computer and gain data. They can blackmail you, steal documents, or use your credit card information to rob you.

These criminals can also use your computer’s webcam and mic to record you. You must take all the safety precautions before and after browsing the web. It will help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe from multiple threats. The worst part is that it is not easy to distinguish between a fake and a safe website.

A primary thing that can help you is using the dark internet with a specific mindset and reason. You should also research trustworthy dark web links before accessing any site. These things will reduce the chance of encountering an unsafe platform on the dark internet.

  1. Illegal Activities

You may open the dark links with the mindset of not engaging in illegal activities. However, this aim is relatively difficult to achieve if you don’t prepare beforehand. Many dark websites offer easy access to pornographic content that may tempt you to open a link. Remember that the minute you open such a site, you’re making yourself susceptible to legal trouble.

The illegal activities mainly attract teenagers and young kids because they can easily be coerced. This is why the dark internet gives rise to many juvenile offenders. The worst part is that your kid can get access to the links because of you. For instance, you may leave the Tor browser open on your computer.

You must know the different safety precautions to keep the web away from young ones in your home. You can do that by closing the browser after you’re done surfing. Besides that, keep the browser shortcut in a hidden and locked folder. It will prevent other adults and kids from accessing the dark internet.

Reasons to Safely Access Dark Web Links

  1. Government Tracking

A primary feature of the dark internet is that many governments constantly monitor different dark websites. The worst part is you cannot know which platforms are being tracked. So you can get into trouble if you purchase something using a dark link. The risk is mainly high if you buy a physical item that must be delivered to your home.

The government can easily track you down if you provide your real address for the delivery. They may also prosecute you for participating in an illegal purchase. This is why you should avoid buying things that must be delivered to you. If getting the item is necessary, you should not give your real address for delivery.

You can get the item delivered to another place and get it picked up by another individual. Of course, the best way to keep yourself safe is by avoiding purchasing items from dark links. These steps will allow you to protect yourself from government tracking and being harmed by an unreliable seller.

  1. Scams

Scams are also prevalent on the dark internet because it offers more security to criminals. They can remain anonymous and hide their IP addresses. Many victims also avoid reporting they were scammed on the dark web. This is because they have to explain to the authorities what they were doing using the dark links in the first place.

This can open you to greater risk, which criminals know and get confidence from. Purchasing digital subscriptions can put you at high risk because many sellers require you to pay before getting access. Many people don’t provide the suitable credentials for the account and scam you.

The only way to avoid scams is by being aware of the different incidents and staying alert. Do not get subscriptions if the person asks you to pay the full fee beforehand. You should also not use your bank cards to pay the seller.

Parenting Tips to Protect Your Kid from Accessing Dark Web Links

Teenagers and young adults these days are interested in different aspects of technology. They are also well-versed in using different browsers and doing things without their parents knowing. However, this can also get them into trouble easily.

As a parent, you must keep your kid safe from using dark web links and engaging in illegal activities. So here are some tips that will help you with this:

  1. Check All Their Devices

You may have given your kids their own laptops, mobile phones, and iPads for education, entertainment, and other reasons. Moreover, you may allow them to maintain privacy by keeping passwords and locks. While it is good to trust your children, you should also be alert. This is why checking their devices for apps is essential.

Protect your kid from dark web browsing

There is no need to access social media and photos on your kid’s phone. However, you should check the device for the Tor browser. This is an essential app for surfing dark web links and is easy to detect. You should check your child’s phone, laptop, and other devices. Delete the app and any files related to it if you encounter the browser.

After that, you must talk to your kid about why they downloaded the browser. You should also request them to return other additional files they created using the dark internet. Be sure to check the home computer as well for the Tor browser and VPN apps.

  1. Talk To Your Child

If you find your kid using the Tor browser or wondering about dark links, it’s time to have an open conversation with them. Lack of awareness also leads to many children using dark and deep webs for anonymity. This is why you should be straightforward and discuss the negatives of the dark web.

You may also seek help from another person in your family with technical or law enforcement expertise. They can help you explain to your kid why dark links are not suitable for them to access. Children in this era are highly smart and understand many things better than older generations. It is also best to ask your kid why they want to use dark links.

Some kids who suffer from bullying at school may use dark links to find others like them. Meanwhile, some may use the platform to take revenge on their bully anonymously. It is essential to converse with your young ones without scaring them or being harsh.

  1. Avoid Talking To Your Child In Front Of Other Kids

The dark internet is fascinating to many kids because of the multiple benefits. It may seem fun for your children to use the browser anonymously and do anything they want to. However, it also exposes them to multiple risks such as computer infections, scams, social ostracism, etc. This is why the conversation can attract attention easily.

If you have multiple kids, but only one of them uses dark links, talk to that child alone instead of other siblings. This will ensure that others kids do not get exposed to the dark internet because of you. The conversation may pique their interest and cause them to download Tor.

This is why you should be careful when speaking about dark links. If you are also using the internet, make sure your kids don’t get a whiff of it. You may know how safely access dark web links, but children lack in these things. So avoid exposure to this part of the internet by openly talking about it at home.

  1. Use Parental Monitoring Apps

Many apps have been designed for parents to track their kid’s browsing and social media activities. This may seem like breaching your child’s privacy, but you must keep them safe. Instead of tracking their social apps, you can use specific monitoring programs that alert you of dark activities.

dark web kid

The app can allow you to stay updated with what your kid is doing on the internet. You may also monitor their standard browser history to see what they are searching. Most kids may watch tutorials on accessing dark links safely on YouTube. They may also read articles to understand the Tor browser.

These search results are indicators that your kid is interested in dark links. So you can promptly take action by talking to them and letting them know of the consequences. You can also set an example for your other children by having conversations about internet safety.

Final Words

This is your complete guide to safely accessing dark links. You can take multiple precautions to browse the internet without facing the consequences. Of course, remember that you cannot make dark links safe completely. So be sure to tread carefully when using the web.



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