Deep Web: What Is It, How To Use & What You Get?




Do you have a desire to know about the deep web? We all know about traditional search engines. Many portions of the web can’t be approached through these engines. Actually, 1% of the internet consists of Google and other engines. What about the remaining 99%? This is basically the deep web. So, let’s start to discuss the topic in detail!

What Is The Deep Web?

Simply, a huge portion is hidden from normal web searches. According to analysts, the whole 99% of the Internet consists of a deep web that is larger than the surface web. The content on the deep web is increasing continuously every year. In other words, we say that the deep web is 1000 to 2000 times larger than the surface web, such as:

  • Wikipedia
  • New sites
  • You tube
  • Blog posts and many more!

So, the whole internet is the largest ocean of information. The deep web links are not accessible through normal search engines like yahoo etc. Most of the sites on it are harmless and non-criminal in nature.

What Type of Content Includes on the Deep Web?

Now the question is, what type of content includes on the deep web? The answer is simple. It contains:

  • Email messages
  • Chat messages
  • Private content on social media sites
  • Electronic bank statements
  • Online bank account
  • Electronic health records and many more
  • Content with scientific and academic database
  • Medical records
  • Legal documents
  • The data of your online banking accounts
  • Various types of data of the organizations


But one thing is clear: it also contains some darknet networks, which is its subsection. However, in order to use these darknet networks, you need some special type of software such as TOR. The usage of this software requires installation. You need some technical information in order to use them. This software is untraceable and consists of hiding information such as data, location, or user identity. They are used for many purposes, and in recent years their usage has increased for whistleblowers and political dissidents. Darknet is also the platform for any illegal activities. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Distribution of drugs
  • Illegal pornography
  • Pirated content
  • Stolen goods and much more!


Search engine bots also blocked the websites that are paywalled. These sites include

  • Text of news articles
  • Subscription-required educational sites


Moreover, bots are not crawling some sites such as Netflix. That is why there are many benefits of the deep web, such as it includes paid services. At the initial stage, you will find irrelevant content and searching is difficult. Your search query also takes time.

What Is The Deep Web

Many people have a wrong concept about the dark and deep web similarity. This blog post also clears your mind about the difference between them.

Deep Web vs Dark Web vs Surface Web


Everyone is familiar with the word Web. Today internet websites are the most important part of our lives. From kids to elders, everyone uses websites as per required or desired. There are a lot of differences between deep, dark, and surface web but most of us did not understand and even had no knowledge about these. Let me explain to you the difference between these:


1. The Dark Web

The dark web is a confidential part of the web which can be accessed through specific channels. The dark web has no common users; specific people use it. Dark Web does not appear on a simple search. If someone wants to visit this hidden site, he writes the full web address in a search engine, so you need to know the exact address of the website you want to use.

There is a different internet usage, but the dark web is not for the public. It is used for different purposes but sometimes for illegal activities. There are dangers and illegal activities performed on the dark web like Killing for money, drug dealings, and smuggling.

It is dangerous for some people, but it is also a safe platform for journalists and whistleblowers to communicate freely with each other or with the audience. Citizens of those countries that have restrictions on internet regulations, like South Korea, etc., can also use the dark web to talk openly in every aspect.


2. The Surface Web

The surface web is that website we are using on a regular basis. Most of us visit the surface web on a daily basis. It is very easy to access through regular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, internet explorer, Opera or Firefox, etc. Now you are visiting our website on the surface web, and you can access it as long as you have internet connectivity through any browser you want!

In simple words, when we search for something and in the search results, the data shown by the browser is called surface web.

For example, if you type school in the result of that search, the web shows you the different web links. You can visit any website at any time in any place.

All Other websites, including online shopping stores and businesses, etc., are also part of the surface web (“regular web”). However, when you visit any website as a visitor, you don’t get to see every part of that website. You can only see the surface of the web, which the website is restricted to show by the owner of the website.

Deep Web vs Dark Web vs Surface Web

When you visit Ali Baba without logging in or registering yourself, you’ll see their product listings prices and sometimes reviews from the consumers. But you can only be able to see the website as a customer or a visitor, not as a seller or administrator. If you want to access “behind the Surface,” you’ll need a username and password after registration. Once you have done with registration and get access, you’ll be able to get past the surface and go onto the deep web.


3. The Deep Web

The Deep web is the part of the internet world behind the wall. Most of the deep web contains the pages and data that are only needed for a certain community within an organization.

If you want to visit a certain web to fulfill your need in order to get access to deep websites, you’ll need to know the exact web addresses (like URL). In the deep web cases, you’ll need to know the password of the web as well.

Most of the audience won’t have access to this URL of the deep web, and they require login credentials in case they want to visit deep webs, and this information can’t be found on simple searches, either. In simple words: a conventional Google search or any other search engine won’t show you the deep web content.

The deep web contains a huge part of the internet; if we estimate, the deep web has between 90 and 95% space of the World Wide Web. Examples of deep web pages are private data and websites like different companies, international universities, library data, governments, multinational organizations, etc.

This article is designed for those who want to learn more about the deep web

Understanding All About Deep Web

You should have enough knowledge about the different terms of regular search engines. As this information essential to understanding how the deep web works? Let’s briefly explain these terms.

1. Crawling

For new websites, Google scours the internet by crawling. This can be done with bots named as crawlers who visit every link. In this way, the different search engines get knowledge about the various websites. Also, the user searches for a specific website through its search engine.

2. Indexing

After crawling, the next step to understanding the proper working is indexing. Many web pages are categorized through indexing. So in this way, users can easily find the result of their search query. Many factors are responsible for the ranking of sites, such as SEO. This process ranks your site on the first page of Google.

3. Serving

It is the final step for search engines like Google. In serving, it takes the search query from the user. Then find this in the indexing, thus giving the result back to the user. So, seeing is the process of showing the result of a user search query.

Main Difference between Deep Web and Other Traditional Internet

Hopefully, you can understand the function of regular search engines. Now you can better understand the difference between the deep web and other ones. As we explained earlier that these sites are invisible to:

  • Crawler bots
  • Search engine indexes

So these sites are hidden. It means you need some special site that helps you to access the deep net. Besides this, you need to know about specific deep web search engines. Clear one thing that traditional Google would not help you in such a case.

How to Access the Deep Web?

It is not surprising that the information available in the deep is accessible. You need not worry about how to access data on it because it is totally a safe action and many Internet users do it on a regular basis. Below we discuss some examples of accessing data on it.

  • Logging in to Gmail or LinkedIn
  • Singing in the Wall Street Journal

There is much-valued information about users available on the deep web. This type of data is important for criminals for different types of illegal activities. For this reason, it is restricted to access the deep web more and more. Furthermore, many spams, phishing attacks, and illegal activities occur on the dark web marketplace. That’s why it requires some special technologies and software in order to use the site as mentioned above. Besides TOR, an invisible Internet project (I2P) is also used to gain access. Both software has different usage.

  • TOR will assure the safety of the IP address when users visit the website
  • The 2nd one is used to assist journalists that published information about dangerous territories

So, you cannot access the dark web without some special type of software. At the same time, you don’t need any special software for accessing the deep web. It only requires some login credentials and exact URLs of the website. It is also browser-friendly because any browser can be used. At the same time, it is not search engine friendly because it cannot be found on search engines. Now you are clear with the question of how to access the deep web.

How to Access the Deep Web

It is easy to access as compared to the dark web. So, everyone has the ability to access the deep web and can enter the dark web. It is the place where many illegal activities and content are displayed.

Accessing The Deep Web is Legal or Not?

Accessing this site is not illegal. It is totally fair to access, use and get different types of information from it. Its approaches require some specific methods. However, many people use it for illegal purposes. They steal information such as bank account numbers, personal identity, passwords, etc.

How to Use the Deep Web?

Once you safely access the deep web, the next step is to use it safely. You can do your scholarly search with the usage of it. Before starting anything else, it is essential to know where to look first on the deep web after access. The deep web is one of the vast platforms for searching for different types of information. It simply means that you can find the data related to different queries on it. This data includes:

  • Finance
  • Softwares related terms
  • Business-related information
  • Economics
  • Academic and many more!

So, many search engines are designed for diving into the deep web to find specific subjects. However, paywalls are one of the problems that some users suffer. If you are one that is overwhelmed with this complication, then we recommend the tool “the Google Chrome browser extension Unpaywall”. With this tool, you can automatically scour the web. It all depends upon you that you use it for legal activities.

Composition of the Deep Web

As we explained earlier, the deep web is the largest ocean of information. Below we give the exact composition of it.

  • 54% of it contains the publicly available database
  • 33% of it consists of Tor/ onion sites of different categories
  • And 13% are Internet sites

Who Uses The Deep Web?

It is a little bit difficult to answer this question straightforwardly. However, many militaries, government, and law enforcement agencies use it. They are the main users of these hidden sites. At the same time, the dark web is used for criminal activities such as selling and buying drugs. Terrorists use these sites to fulfill their mission of attacks.

Deep Net Websites

There are different levels of access for the websites that are available on the deep web. So, for the website hosts, various stages of privacy exist that are impossible for Google or other search engines. As compared to a regular website, tracking down the location of your server is harder in the case of a deep net. Due to this reason, various privacy levels are available to access the website. This is one of the largest differences between the surface and deep web. In the next section, we will explain in detail the difference between the dark web, deep web, and surface web.

What Type of Information Will do You Get on the Deep Web?

For your ease, below we have mentioned the list of some services. No doubt that it is the largest platform of data. Here you will get the different types of information related to laws and politics, academic queries, and many more! So, let’s start to discuss the variety of information in detail.

  • One of the most obvious additions to this list is JSTOR databases. It offers a variety of books and journals. You can access the three books freely on JSTOR
  • The second one is, which is related to a gigantic database of media. It includes sound recordings, old videos, rare books, and many more!
  • Library of Congress includes the different historical information that has up-to-date volume

Some other types of information are mentioned below.

1. General

It is further divided into 5 main categories as

GPOs Catalogs of US Government Publications

It includes the Federal publications database.

The National Archives

This is the platform where you can find information related to American history. Here you will get everything about the current state of the nation.

High Wire Press

It contains 1000+ different journals. High Wire press is the online catalog that stores free full-text and non-free full-text. Here you will get both paid and non-paid publications.

Encyclopedia Britannica

This place is the other name of the original Google, where you will get a variety of texts and pictures.


It includes the latest financial data covering 470,000-time series. That data is taken from 85 different resources, and it is free of charge. We should be thankful to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis for providing a large amount of information. Besides this, you can also find economic data on this single platform. So, if you are a beginner at searching the finance and economic data in the US, then it is the best place for you.

2. Books

It is further categorized into 5 different types of fields.

Google Books

This is the platform on which you can find partial or fully available books. So, Google books are one of the most obvious choices. Here all the text is searchable.


Here you will get the up-to-date articles by monthly paying. However, this may not fulfill all of your academic research demands. Furthermore, users published the content with some specific restrictions. Scribd is also the place of many textbooks and different types of content.

Project Gutenberg

On this platform, you will get the free 53000 e-books.

The Online Books Page

This is where you will get the approximately 28000 English books whose complete text is available online.

Getty Research Institute

This library contains one million books, study photographs, and different catalogs. If you want to learn about architecture and art history, it is the best place for you.

3. Law and Politics

It is one of the largest platforms on which you get all the legal material. Here you will find the 2 million different volumes.

THOMAS (Library of Congress)

It is the place of legislative information derived from the library of Congress. You will get all current and past bills of the House of Representatives here. Moreover, law students also get different information from the resources of LexisNexis. It is not the cheaper platform that prices vary that I’d depend upon the services and your search query. You will get information about the various legal documents here.

4. Medical and Health

It is further divided into 4 main categories.

Here you will find different types of information related to science and its laws. This platform contains 200 million publications. So the student who searches in the science category can find a variety of topic ideas from


It is the US national library of medicine that contains 16 million-plus citations. In other words, we say that it is the best medical database.

Here you will get the information related to health problems such as disease type, its symptoms, and many more. This platform explains the statistics of health problems on a large scale.

New England Journal of Medicine

It is the online library of medical journals. Here you will also get the last health issues. For some content, you have to pay while others are free.

5. Science and Academic

This library related to geography and geology

US Geological Survey

This covers the different aspects of the US geological topography.

US National Map by USGS

Here you will get the current geospatial data. On the web, all maps are available that can be easily downloaded.

USGS Real-Time Water Data

This shows the water quality data of the rivers and reservoirs.

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

It will contain information about earthquakes. You will get different maps here that vary from one location to another location.

6. Physics and Astronomy

The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System

This data engine is helpful for academic papers. Here you will find the paper on each query. So, it is the best platform to get data about physics experiments from all over the world.

Academic Index

This online library is further divided into two different types of searches.

  • The main search that gives the more fine-tuned Google results
  • The second one is deep web academic troves

7. Engineering and Technology

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Here you will find approximately 1.4 million documents. These documents are collected from the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers. This database contains the latest information about technology.


It is a platform where you will get information freely. The data includes:

  • Reports
  • E-materials
  • Research
  • Industry news
  • Job listing in different subjects such as math

7. Misc

It is divided into 3 main categories.


Here you will get the open-access research papers. It is the world’s largest searchable platform.


It contains more than 700,000 technical papers on every academic query, such as quantitative biology to computer science. You will find a variety of formats here in which full text is explained.


Here you will find a variety of scientific journals. It also contains information related to STEM projects. So, for beginners, it is the best place to start.

8. Video Resources

It is a great source of a variety of video lectures. It contains more than 22000 videos. The information in these videos is collected from real authority resources.

So, the deep web is the largest platform on which you will find all types of information. Everyone should use these hidden sites for legal purposes!

How large is The Deep Web?

As you will get the different types of information on it. So, the next question is, how large is the deep web? With the figures mentioned below, you can clearly understand the answer to the question mentioned earlier. As of 2022:

  • Most of the internet consists of the deep web, such as 94.77% ( 7,500TB)
  • At the same time, 4% is the dark web
  • While the remaining 0.25%(19TB) is the surface web

However, the dark web is the platform where many illegal activities occur.

Is the Deep Web Safer Than the Dark Web?

The straightforward answer to the question is yes! Deep web links are better and safer than the dark web. Most of the dark web links are associated with illegal activities but not all of them! You can easily access different types of content on the deep web without any threat. There is no worry about checking the information about your credit cards and accounts online. But make one thing clear: accessing the personal information on it has some potential risks. Your content on these hidden sites contains a lot of valuable information. Hackers and criminals can misuse this data.

That’s why proper attention is compulsory during the usage of these sites. Try to use unique passwords that are a combination of different letters, numbers, and symbols. One another danger is that you may be accessing these hidden sites through unsafe public WiFi networks, such as paying bills or doing any other actions. We strongly recommend that you don’t do it. For this purpose, you can use a virtual private network rather than a public one.

  • VPN is one best network that can secure your online privacy

How large is The Deep Web

Here we want to make you aware of one more danger! You may receive an email message from a valuable source such as the IRS. It is the agency that keeps your personal information on the deep web. In that email notification, you may ask to enter a password in order to access your account. Don’t do that! Because the IRS never sends such types of emails. This agency never demands a password.

It simply means that a hacker wants to hack your account and misuse your personal data. Such type of action from the hackers is referred to as phishing.

In the end, whether the deep web is safe or not all depends upon your skills in using the Internet. So, access and use these hidden sites smartly!

What Should You Avoid on The Deep Web?

While exploring the deep web, make sure about the following points. Keep in mind while using the hidden sites.

1. Don’t Mix up Deep and Dark Web

As explained earlier that deep and dark web both are different terms. So, it is important to know the key difference between them. Actually, the dark web is a small portion of the deep web that can be accessed through TOR. It is one of the best ways to choose that keeps you safe and protects you against threats.

2. Protect Yourself from Malicious Links

Before accessing and using these hidden links, one should get enough knowledge about the deep web links. Many illicit sites put you in great trouble. It also harms your system and is dangerous for your personal data. So, you must install antivirus software on your computer that can protect you against malicious attacks. One of the ways of protection is to scrutinize the links carefully.

3. Don’t make Payment on Deep Web

One shouldn’t use this platform for payment purposes. Also, make sure that you don’t buy anything from it. Don’t enter any information related to your debit card. If you do this, then there is a great chance that hackers will hack your personal information and misuse it. However, if it is compulsory to shop for things from hidden sites, use bitcoin. It is a relatively safe way of transaction on different websites.

4. Stay Vigilant on the Type of Content

Regular visitors of hidden sites keep themselves away from illicit activities. However, it is important for beginners to get enough knowledge about the services and then open the deep web link. Children should also stay alert from watching and visiting the different types of content. We recommend you install the child locks. In this way, you are sure that your children are away from such websites.

No doubt that the deep web is safe and better than the dark web. Your safety is in your hands. Great knowledge about the different sites and links protects you against any threat and spam.


Why is it Important to Know about the Deep Web?

You will get any information on this largest platform on the Internet. It is an essential part of the web. Many of us use it every day for various purposes. Its legal use is thoroughly beneficial for all of us. Everything has good and bad sides, right? The same is true for online and offline activities. So the usage of this site totally depends upon your purpose.

Definitely, many of you receive good resources from the deep web. Even though the deep web provides an environment that protects its user’s privacy, it saves us from many attacks. The government is leading its use for any legal purposes. However, every country should promote a new monitoring system that can secure the privacy of deep web users.

No doubt that crime is present on most deep websites, but at the same time, it is a great hurdle in the path of criminals to do illegal activities. For example, it is not easy for hackers to hack the personal information of deep web users. So, the deep web is not hell! Rather than this hidden site, many illegal activities arise on the dark web. People who say that it is the wrong place actually defend their secrets from the people. It is important for everyone to know about it and use it for legal purposes. In a definitive word, it is not the region of evil! After reading this, you become familiar with the importance of the deep web.

Understanding the Deep Web Search Engines

It is a tool that assists you in finding the information on the hidden site. Different types of search engines have different specialties, such as:

  • With respect to searching capabilities, some engines are superior to others
  • Some of them are used to find tricks and tips
  • Some are used to look for every type of information

Process of Finding the Search Engine

Finding Search Engines on the hidden sites is a little bit of an overwhelming process. It requires little research. There are some common ways that can be used for this purpose, such as searching the dark web search engines on Google gives a list of various websites. Below we mentioned some search engines for your ease.

Latest Search Engines of Deep Web

There are several search engines, and each has different searching algorithms. We have discussed the top 5 that give remarkable results.

1. The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is one of the useful search engines. Actually, query searching is a time-consuming process. It takes a few hours to give the desired results, but with this Wiki, you can easily solve this problem. It gives you the directory list of websites on the hidden sites. Some other sites that offer similar services are:

  • TorLinks
  • OnionLinks

2. Torch

Literally, the search results through this search engine are not too impressive. It has lasted for long enough since 1996. However, one of the advantages of this search engine is that it works fastly.


It is one of the most reliable search engines on the dark web. also has a policy against the abuse of materials. This makes a great difference between and other search engines. Because other ones provide the child sexual abuse content, it is also available on the surface web and supports different types of searches.

4. DuckDuckGo

You can find it on almost every search engine list of hidden sites. It offers a mobile browser app and majors on privacy. Below we have mentioned some features of DuckDuckGo that make your life easier.

  • You can add some flairs into your work mail
  • It will generate a random password for you. For this purpose, you need to search for a password, and it will give you 8 digit
  • Anagram solve, many people use it for cheating purposes
  • DuckDuckGo means you can easily and fastly do your work. It counts the number of characters quickly
  • !bangs is also one of the biggest features of DuckDuckGo

5. Haystak

It is one of the most resourceful engines on the search engines list. Its paid version offers many features such as

  • Searching using regular expression
  • Browsing now-defunct onion sites
  • Accessing their API
  • It allows you to access the database of email addresses
  • Access to get the information of stolen credit card

Safety of Search Engines

As all of these search engines are useful for getting the latest information. But accessing it directly from your computer may be dangerous for you! If you use it on a normal computer, you put yourself in the following trouble.

  • Hackers hack your password
  • Crypto funds are at a higher risk of danger
  • Criminals also steal others’ personal information
  • Malware can affect your data and system as well

So, it is important that you use it only for legal purposes and avoid proxies. Every search engine of hidden sites is not created equally. Some are strengthened in providing good results while others are weak!

Furthermore, we have also discussed the importance of the deep web for security potentials and how to monitor these hidden sites!

Why Is The Deep Web Essential For Security Professionals?

Without the proper look at the deep web, you could raise the risk against the threat to your organization. There are many knowledgeable sources of risk intelligence available on it. You can understand it better with the following example.

1. Password or Accounts

Many hackers sell different types of information on the dark web forums, such as:

  • Account credentials
  • Credit card numbers
  • Much other personal information

The passwords are of great importance, and hackers know that the user sets one specific password to log in to multiple sites. So, they sell it or misuse it. It affects your personal data and decreases the reputation of your company. Hackers use the leaked information for illegal activities.

2. Misinformation

Along with the good use of the internet, many rumors and misinformation go viral across it quickly. In that case, the deep web helps you a lot. It allows the security team to spot the conspiracy before it is spread on the search engines.

3. Stolen or Counterfeit Goods

There are many online platforms, such as eBay, Kijiji etc., on which criminals will sell illegal products. However, Google or other search engines do not support such types of activities. So, in order to prevent yourself and the company’s brand image from spamming, it is compulsory to monitor these websites.

4. Insider Threats

You can also find many insider threats on the deep web. Many criminals use darknet sites to sell intellectual properties and credentials etc. You can save your organization from these inside threats through the monitoring of websites. It can detect the threat quickly and warn you. Your action on this warning protects you against severe damage.

5. Data Leaks

Many social networks are available on the deep web in which data leakage occurs. Monitoring is also essential to prevent the leakage of personal data or information.

6. Executive Protection

For criminals, executives show a high- level of tempting targets. Picking of senior personnel occurs due to their

  • Job title
  • An unpopular decision
  • Recent public statements

Threat actors use the deep web platform to reveal their intentions. So these channels require constant monitoring that allows security to identify and analyze the risks.

7. Vulnerabilities and Exploits

The criminals of the darknet share many zero-hour vulnerabilities. It is a chink in software security with no current patches. The tech team finds the problem and implements the fixing process. Due to this action taken by the tech team, vendors do not release any updates about the personal data of customers.

What Type of Process is Require in Monitoring the Deep Web

You have to monitor the deep web for threat intelligence. For this purpose, two options are available.

  • You can buy the monitoring service of the deep web
  • The second one is that you can fix your monitoring system and find the data manually


Now we discuss a few advantages of manual searches, such as:

  • It is free of cost
  • According to your requirements, you can manage your search
  • With a few links, you can settle down the whole system


Besides the benefits, there are also cons of this approach, such as:

  • It becomes the labor investing task
  • You have to check the long and growing lists of the website on a regular basis
  • Sometimes, the large security team misvalued the information


In the Darknet searches:

  • some people suffer from navigation problems
  • Without no any reason, the content is disturbing
  • With the virus, criminals attack the users
  • They harm the users with trojans, worms, and other computer malware


The benefits of the second option are mentioned below:

  • Monitoring services is simpler than the first one
  • In this way, the searches are completed within a second rather than days and hours
  • You can find the most relevant content with the monitoring services
  • So it gives you clear and related posts
  • Some monitoring systems set automated alerts for the security team
  • A notification receive if something suspicious occurs on the deep web channel
  • It can save countless hours


Data breath is one of the best parts of the deep web monitoring tool. Many channels will track by the services like:

  • Chan boards
  • Petition sites
  • Classified
  • Paste sites
  • Alternative social networks and many others!

All of this lessens the chances of missing any important intelligence.

We have also discussed the good and bad sides of the hidden sites.

What Are The Advantages of the Deep Web?

There are many more benefits of this hidden site than the surface web. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Get More Information

It gives more information than the surface web. The data also included in the deep web are TV shows and databases. You can manage your personal finances and stories better than on the surface web with this hidden site. Moreover, you cannot access the content directly compared to the surface web.

2. Privacy

Another benefit of it is the privacy that is given by encryption. It protects your identity and data from criminals and hackers. However, it would be best to take some precautions to use this hidden site. Encryption on this site demanded a fee to keep their content safe from non-paying Internet users. So, it serves best for its customers. The different types of forms of fintech require this encryption to work properly. Moreover, this security is compulsory for various transactions on the Internet.

So, the deep web was designed to give users privacy.

3. It Provides Valuable Data

The deep web is the platform that provides healthy and valuable information to scholars. You will find a variety of information from the different libraries. What type of information you will get from it is explained in the earlier section. Many security agencies use these sites for legal purposes. But some portion of the deep web contains illegal activities that vary from drug selling to child pornography. There is a special platform named Silk Road used to sell and purchase illegal goods.

Some other advantages of the deep web are:

  • It offers an avenue for expression and organization
  • Deep web connections need special accessing methods
  • You need special tools to access the hidden material that is located on the deep web search engines Completeplanet, DeepDyve, or TechXtra
  • It is the best platform for beginners regarding learning purpose

Disadvantages of Deep Web

Besides the advantages, there are many disadvantages of hidden sites. These cons of the deep web harm your personal identity and the reputation of the organization. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Human Medical Testing

Many doctors do different experiments with the drugs by picking up homeless transients. They do such illegal activity on the special section of the deep web.

2. You can do Many Bad Things on it

Many hackers used this hidden site for evil things. They steal information such as the celebrity’s address, social security number, etc., and misuse it.

3. People Use it For Illegal Purposes

Many people use it for illegal purposes such as drug selling, child pornography, and many more. Hackers hack the password and use it for some special criminal purposes. It is a site where your money is being stolen. The virus on the system is also dangerous for your other personal data, so it is important to install the antivirus on your system. You will find many identity thefts there that ruin your life in a second. So, use it carefully and don’t take any chances!

4. You can do anything on it

It is the bad side of the deep web that people can do any illegal activities on it, such as:

  • Child pornography
  • Selling drugs
  • Hire hitmen
  • Alleged stuff videos that you don’t want to see

All of this is the reason that many of us distance ourselves from it. It is better to save yourself from such totally illegal crimes and against humanity. So, don’t take any risks.

5. Pick Your Poison

Many people purchase and sell drugs on the Silk Road. For this purpose, they use bitcoin. You can get any type of drug on it. Purchasing online drugs is one of the basic activities on this platform. People buy killers that offer their services on this hidden site. So, this platform is also involved in killing purposes!

6. Drug Trafficking

The dark web is one of the platforms that is used for drug trafficking. It is the leading criminal activity on the hidden site. Many people died due to drug misuse. Well-trained crime groups are involved in drug trafficking. These organized criminals are also involved in many other illegal activities. They used drugs for different criminal operations, such as financing terrorism. Young and vulnerable people are the target of criminals to spoil their lives through drug trafficking. Due to this crime, many people get arrested.

7. Illegal Weapon Trade

Illegal weapon trade is also one of the activities increasing day by day on the dark web. You can find various forms of cyberweapons. Hackers hack the organization’s personal data and demand a large amount of payment.

It has become a great concern for the global government. Moreover, many cyberattacks have been done before and after the military invasion. So, transfer and dealerships in arms and weapons are also one of the disadvantages of the dark web. These illegal weapons are used for various purposes.

  • It is used to commit crimes because these weapons can not be traced back
  • For Arms conflicts
  • It is a profitable business for traders
  • For self-defense

Some Other Risks of Deep Web

Browsing the dark web is risky because it is the place in which many illicit activities occur. Many hackers and cybercriminals gathered in this place to do different deals. So, it is important for users of the dark web to keep in mind caution before downloading files. These files may harm your system with

  • Virus
  • Trojans
  • Ransomware and many more!

Users should always be up-to-date on their cybersecurity to protect themselves from any threat.

Ways Your Data Security is In Danger on the Dark Web

1. Leaking Source Code

Hackers can quickly find out the vulnerabilities of your security system by leaking the source code. Moreover, it is hard to detect which organization uses the source code.

2. Selling Access to Private Events

Hackers gain access to high-profile content through passwords and IDs. If your data security has been broken through, criminals can easily find the events.

3. Spoofing Template

Creating fake templates is also one of the major crimes on the dark web. They sell and do different types of fraud schemes. It is the top way to create fake websites on behalf of other institutes. In this way, scammers hack the data of real customers and misuse it.

4. Uncovering Databases

The database of an organization contains personal information such as:

  • Employ accounts
  • Locations
  • Company footprint
  • Different contracts etc

Criminals expose this personal information on the web.

5. National Security

If your institute plays a safety role, such as airport contracts, breaching security threatens global safety. Hackers list the leaked data on the dark web platform.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the web is the place where you can find information on different niches. You can get many scholarly articles, essays, and many other things from the richest sources. The deep web exists because it offers a degree of privacy. It assists you in protecting your personal information such as bank accounts, debit card numbers, etc.

The principle of the operation of the dark web is total anonymity. It totally depends upon what you do there! With some cautions, no one traced you. Privacy is one of the big concerns of Internet users. So, the deep web is the platform that solves this problem well. Legal use of this hidden site is totally fair! Hopefully, this post increases your knowledge about hidden sites. We also mentioned 5 different types of search engines and how to use the search engines of these sites. Still, have any confusion? If yes, then comment below. If you want to know more about hidden sites then read our other blogs.