Dark Web Links – A Big Explanation, You Should Know About It

Dark Web Links - A Big Explanation, You Should Know About It


As an internet user, you may have wondered what dark web links are. Somewhere the topic may have appeared, and being bored with the normal internet, you may have even tried to access it. However, things are a lot different for dark web links.

They cannot be accessed using the surface web browser and need you to be aware of it. In addition, Darknet links can be dangerous, so you need to have a good amount of knowledge before using them.

Here is a detailed explanation to help you with dark web links. Make sure to thoroughly read this guide, as it is the only one you need before accessing the dark web links for the first time.

What are Dark Web and Dark Web Links?

Before starting with anything, learning what the darknet is and its links is essential. The internet has three layers: the surface, deep and dark web. the surface web is the one we use daily using the normal search engine and browser.

Then comes the deep web, where the content is hidden from a standard search engine. However, the deep web can be accessed using the standard browser and has regular domain links.

Lastly, things change when it comes to the dark web. The darknet is the deepest layer of the internet and cannot be accessed using a normal browser. Instead, you need a special browser to use dark web links.

In addition, the dark web links are onion links. This means the links have a .onion domain at the end. Also, dark web links are unsafe and can risk your safety and privacy.

Is it Safe to use Dark Web Links?

When discussing dark web links with your friends, you may have heard that it is unsafe and that it is better to stay away from such things.

At some point, they may be right; dark web links are filled with unsafe content. But it mainly depends on the links you visit and how you use the dark web.

If used by keeping all the safety measures in mind, you can safely use the dark web links. However, before accessing the dark web links, you must be aware of every safety precaution you must take.

Dark web links also contain useful content, but how you use them is all in your hands. There is no restriction on the dark web, so everything depends on the user.

In addition, we will also discuss how to make dark web links safe for you to use. Therefore, it would be best to continue reading as we discuss dark web links.

What are Dark Web and Dark Web Links

Is It Worth Using the Dark Web Links?

Before moving to any detail about dark web links, it is very important to clear all the questions you have regarding dark web links. This will improve your experience and help you learn more about the dark web.

If you want to use dark web links for educational purposes, there is no better thing other than the dark web. Here you will find unlimited knowledge and content regarding any topic you want.

Scientific papers, research, studies, and anything you name. Things that you won’t find on the surface web will be found on just a few dark web links. Therefore, it is worth trying once and experiencing it if it is useful.

If you like to learn about global news, there might be some dark web links that will excite you with uncensored information. In addition, many people use dark web links to find out about things that may not be available on the surface web links.

Many focus on the disadvantages or risks of using dark web links. It is understandable why they do so, but it is equally important to be aware of the advantages.

Advantages of Using Dark Web Links

The numbers of dark web links are uncountable, and you will find every type of content there. Keeping in mind the advantages will help you understand how the links work. In addition, that will also help you decide how you should use them.

The advantages of using dark web links are mentioned below. Some of them may help you greatly if you safely use dark web links.

  1. Freedom of Speech and No Restriction

On the surface web, you may feel like not speaking out on certain topics as it might cause issues. In addition, many things are restricted, and if you do post, there are possibilities that they may get reported or removed. Therefore, many people refrain from sharing information with the public on the surface web.

However, things are completely different on dark web links. There are no restrictions here; you can talk about anything you want. In addition, some dark web links can share information regarding any public fraud or scam by a high-profile person.

Discussions about sensitive topics are common on some dark web links that are especially dedicated to them. Therefore, if you have anything to share, you can without thinking about risking your safety.

Yes, anything is possible on dark web links. However, ensure you share such things on a popular link so many audiences can see it.

Lastly, joining discussion forums on some dark web links would be best to help you talk about sensitive topics. That will help you learn more and get your hands on new information.

Advantages of Using Dark Web Links

  1. Anonymity

This is surely one main advantage you enjoy when using dark web links. Anonymity is why you can freely talk about anything on the dark web. Your anonymity is ensured if you carry out the safety measures properly before using the dark web links.

Then there is nothing you have to worry about. Your name and personal information will never appear to anyone. Even your IP address will be untraceable, and you can freely use it.

However, anonymity remains intact if you ensure all safety measures are in place before using the dark web links. If your anonymity is at risk, then there can be safety issues.

But you can tackle that by understanding how to use dark web links before accessing them. Make sure to always keep your safety at the top.

  1. A Great Pool of Knowledge and Information

Well, that is what the dark web is, in simple words. You can find information about anything you want. Be it any topic, and you can easily access the information.

Dark web links are undoubtedly filled with unlimited knowledge and information, but it depends on the links you visit. Unfortunately, there are some unsafe and illegal links as well. But if you don’t visit them, then you are on the safe side.

In addition, you can get your hands on information that may be inaccessible on the surface web. For example, if you want to learn about scientific research and articles, there are links where you will find uncountable items.

You can find some of the oldest articles and research papers on any topic. This will be perfect for you if you want to learn about different things.

Make sure to use the knowledge positively and safely. If you keep it like this, the dark web links will help you gain knowledge that wasn’t possible through the surface web.

Disadvantages of Using Dark Web Links

When it comes to the dark web and its links, you must also be aware of the risks involved. The risks are undoubtedly on the heavier side compared to the benefits, but most of the risks can be overcome. All it takes is effort, and you will be good to go.

Here are some of the top disadvantages of using dark web links.

  1. Links Full of Viruses

That is one thing you have to be very careful of when using dark web links. In addition, many links contain viruses that can enter your system and cause technical issues.

However, not all sites contain viruses. Some of the links that are offline and not working any more have a chance of containing such viruses.

Disadvantages of Using Dark Web Links

Therefore, it is best to avoid unknown links you don’t know about. No doubt that some dark web links will excite and attract you, but if you don’t know about them, then it would be best not to open them.

In addition, make sure to always have the essential safety measures in place to keep you safe from such viruses. We will discuss the safety measures below to ensure you are safe.

  1. Explicit Content

Dark web links not being censored and regulated is why you will find explicit content at many links. However, not all sites contain explicit content. Many dark web links are safe from such content, and you can safely use them.

In addition, if you find such content, it is advised that you use that link at your own risk.

  1. Illegal Activities Carried Out on Many Links

Many people say that all criminals operate and communicate using dark web links. Well, those people are right, as the dark web is known as a haven for criminals. It is one platform through which they operate freely.

That is why if you try to use unknown dark web links, there may be a chance of you opening such links where criminal activities take place.

If you open such a link, it is best to close it as soon as you see it. This is because security agencies monitor such dark web links, and spending time on these links may land you in trouble.

You have to be careful in this case. This is not something to joke around, and you must be away from such links to ensure your safety.

  1. Malware

Malware is software that can enter your computer and cause issues. In addition, through malware, hackers present on dark web links can get control of your device.

In addition, they can access your personal information, which can risk your safety and privacy. Therefore, you have to always be away from unknown dark web links.

Only use trusted and known links. That way, you can have a great dark web experience with being safe. In addition, this guide will discuss how to stay safe from such malware, so keep reading.

Safety Measures you need for Dark Web Links

This is the most important section of this guide. Before opening your first dark web link, it is essential to ensure all safety measures are in place. In addition, you have to always make sure that everything is working perfectly when using dark web links.

Any measure not working can risk your safety and privacy, so you have to be careful. Keep in mind every safety measure we will discuss, as it will help you with a safe, dark web links experience.

Safety Measures You Need For Dark Web Links

  1. Never Share Your Personal Information

This should come without saying. Don’t ever share your personal information, no matter how trusted the link is. Remember that the most trusted link on the dark web should also not be trusted.

You never know when a hacker is ready to wait for your personal information behind the screen. Personal information includes everything from your name to your address and anything that can be connected to you.

Always use a fake name and never share any payment credentials. Make sure to always remain discreet. This will help you a lot with a safe, dark web experience.

Some links may look promising, but all that is staged. Trust no one on dark web links, and never share anything personal that can be linked to you on the dark web.

Come up with a fake name so you can always use that in dark web links. That will help you remain discreet throughout your dark web link experience.

  1. Never Download Any File from the Links

This is something that you have to keep in mind all the time. It doesn’t matter how important the file is or if you have your hands on something that can be very valuable. You just don’t download files from any dark web links.

This is one of the most common ways hackers use to get control of your computer system and get their hands on your information. These files may have regular content, but somewhere there will be viruses or malware present.

Having such files in your computer can risk everything you have in the system. Not only is that, but the worst part is that some professional hackers can even take control of the webcam and microphone of your computer.

Through this, you can imagine the things they can do. Therefore, never download a single file from any dark web link. It doesn’t matter how small the file is in size.

You can take pictures from your phone if you find something interesting. Many people say you can take a screenshot of the screen. However, there may be some risk there too. That is why it is best not to do something that can risk your privacy.

  1. Always Have an Anti-Virus

Having anti-virus software installed and working on your computer will help you greatly. Keeping viruses and malware attacks away is one of the main objectives of such anti-virus software.

Keep in mind to have trusted and reliable anti-virus software at work. Don’t download any random anti-virus software that you don’t know about. Dark web links contain some advanced viruses and malware.

Therefore, it is best to have a premium anti-virus. You will find some of the best software online, specially made for dark web users. Make sure to research each before downloading.

Always Have An Anti-Virus

Just downloading the software won’t work. Before using the dark web, you must ensure that the anti-virus software is live and working.

In addition, getting a premium version of the anti-virus software, you decide to download is advised. It may cost you a bit, but it saves your system from any virus attacks and ensures the safety of your information.

  1. Don’t Forget to Use a VPN

A VPN is one of the most important elements that keep you from being traced. This is something that helps you a lot in every case.

Many dark web users only use the VPN available on the Tor Browser. Undoubtedly, it is a great VPN and offers a good layer of security. But it is better to add as many layers of security as possible when it comes to dark web links.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a premium VPN installed on your computer. Before using the dark web, turn on the VPN and ensure it is connected.

The role of a VPN is to make your IP address untraceable by hackers. Through this, you can use the dark web without any stress. The same goes for the VPN; use trusted and reliable VPN software.

  1. Always Know What to Use

You will find millions of dark web links on the dark web, and that might excite you as you would want to visit as many as possible. No doubt, it is in human nature to experience everything. However, that would be a wrong decision if you consider visiting any dark web link you see.

Most links will be unknown to you, and you never know about their risks. However, opening the link for a few seconds to see what is inside can also get you in trouble.

That is why it is advised to only use the dark web links you know about. However, there are some great safe, dark websites that you can use and learn a lot from.

Knowing what you want to use on the dark web is crucial. Using any unknown site can cause a problem, which is the last thing you want.

However, there is nothing that you have to worry about. If you are thinking of experiencing dark web links, we will mention some top links that you should visit to get going. These sites will help you start a safe and exciting experience.

  1. Use a Different Computer for Dark Web

If this is possible, it would be a great thing to do. Why don’t you use a different computer to use dark web links? Use such a clean computer with no data or personal information.

Through this, your privacy will not be risked if there is any virus or malware attack. This will help you a lot in many ways.

Don’t Forget To Use A VPN While Using the Dark Web

This measure should be considered if you have considered using the dark web for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean you should get a new model, brand-new computer. Instead, you can get yourself an old model, used computer.

That wouldn’t be much costly and would be a great one-time investment for you. However, if you do this, make sure not to enter your personal information anywhere, even if you are also using the surface web.

That computer should not contain any piece of your personal information or such other information. Dedicate that computer only to the dark web.

In addition, it would be a safer approach to cover the webcam and microphone present in that computer. You wouldn’t want them on dark web links, so it would be best to ensure additional safety.

How to Use Dark Web Links?

You may know everything about dark web links and still don’t know how to use them safely. It is not a complicated procedure but surely a lengthy one. To safely use dark web links, you must understand how to use dark web links.

Here is a complete method to help you use and enjoy the dark web.

  1. Download the Latest Version of the Tor Browser

Dark web links being onion links, cannot be accessed through any surface web browsers. Therefore, you can never in any way use dark web links on a normal browser that you use on your computer.

Therefore, for such special links, the Tor Browser came into existence. The Tor Browser supports onion links and is the only browser you need for dark web links.

On the surface web, you may find many other browsers that might support onion links. However, none of those browsers are trustworthy, and you shouldn’t waste time downloading them.

All you need is the latest version of Tor Browser that you will find on the surface web. Then, download and run the browser before using any dark web link.

However, having the Tor Browser doesn’t mean you can instantly start using the dark web links on it. Once the browser is downloaded, you need to ensure all safety measures are in place.

Without ensuring this using the links can risk your privacy. Therefore, you must do this every time before using the links.

  1. Connect to a Premium VPN

We did mention having a premium VPN in the safety measures section above. Unfortunately, this is when it comes to using, and you must do it every time before using the dark web.

The Tor browser only acts as a bridge between you and dark web links. It helps you surf different sites without any issues. However, it is you who need to make sure you are safe from any external threat.

Download The Latest Version of the Tor Browser

The IP address is one of the most common elements through which anyone can trace you using some tools. If you don’t have a VPN connection when using the dark web, your IP address can be exposed to some dangerous people.

Therefore, always connect to a premium VPN before opening the Tor browser. It ensures a tough layer of security that keeps your IP address hidden and offers you a good dark web experience.

Yes, the Tor browser also has a VPN built-in for its users. There is nothing wrong with that VPN. On the contrary, it is one of the best VPNs you can find. You should also connect to that VPN before using any links.

It is better to be safe than sorry, which is why your safety should be your priority.

  1. Make Sure the Anti-Virus is Live and Working

Many dark web users forget this and only connect to the VPN when using the links. However, this step is crucial when using dark web links. The VPN protects your IP address, and anti-virus software keeps any threat from entering your system.

If you are new to the dark web, there is no doubt about the fact that you will tap some links that may be offline. Unfortunately, there are chances that such links contain viruses or malware.

You may open those links for a few seconds, as an offline link is useless. But those few seconds are enough for such threats to enter your system and do all the work.

This is when high-quality, trusted, and reliable anti-virus software protects you and your computer. That is why always ensure the software is connected and working before opening the first dark web link.

In addition, at some intervals, it is recommended to keep checking that the anti-virus software hasn’t stopped working. If the software stops working, you can be vulnerable to external threats.

  1. Have A List of Dark Web Links You Want to Visit

This is one important step that you have to consider for your safety. You can open irrelevant and unsafe links if you don’t know what to visit. This can risk your safety and privacy.

Since there are countless dark websites, you can never be sure which is safe. In addition, if you don’t know about the site and the type of content it contains, it can expose you to many things.

Therefore, having a list of sites you want to visit on the dark web is always great. Then, when you know about the sites you want to visit, you can easily find them and experience them.

Have A List of Dark Web Links You Want To Visit

Tapping on unknown sites can waste your time and expose you to many external threats. Below we have mentioned some dark websites that should be a part of your list to get you going on the dark web. You will find everything you want on these links; they are the only ones you should visit.

  1. Surf Through the Dark Web

Now you are aware of mostly everything and enough for you to use dark websites. However, things are very different on the dark web, which is why it is very important to surf safely.

Your safety should be your priority always when surfing through dark web links. Do nothing that can risk your privacy.

Many people understand the method of using the dark web but how to start with it confuses them the most. However, it is understandable as there is no Google on the dark web where you can find links to different sites.

But don’t worry; here in this big explanation, we have covered you.

How to Start with Dark Web Links?

Once you have set everything in place, the Tor is live, VPN and anti-virus are connected, but you still don’t know how to start. Well, this is a problem many new users face as you cannot find dark web links on the surface web.

The Hidden Wiki is the first link you should visit on the dark web. It is an online dark web site directory and contains links for all the sites.

You will find every single dark web link over here. The Hidden Wiki also has a page where all the links are categorized according to their topic. You can visit that and choose the topics you think are safe.

Once you have Hidden Wiki, you have a treasure in your hands as you don’t have to find dark web links anywhere else. But how to find Hidden Wiki? Well, that is one question that many users have.

To find Hidden Wiki, you need to search for it on the DuckDuckGO search engine on Tor Browser. The DuckDuckGo is the main search engine you should use for the dark web.

You can find a shortcut for this search engine on the starting page of the Tor Browser. Once you search the Hidden Wiki on DuckDuckGo, the link to the site will be available in the top searches.

This is one great way to start with dark web links. However, if you have a list of some dark websites, you can easily find their links on Hidden Wiki.

That is why the importance of having a list of dark websites still exists.

How To Start With Dark Web Links

Dark Web Sites You Should Look For

To start with the dark web, you need to have some sites in mind that you want to visit. The dark web can be a great experience only if you use it properly and avoid unsafe links. Having some sites in mind will help you stay away from unnecessary sites.

Here are some sites that you should look for for an amazing dark web experience. You can the link for these sites on the Hidden Wiki. With time some of the links of the dark web go offline and new links replace the site.

Therefore, on Hidden Wiki, you will find the updated link for these sites. That is why the Hidden Wiki is always your first stop when using the dark web.

  1. The Imperial Library

Are you fond of books and like to gain as much knowledge as possible? Then the Imperial Library is a perfect site for you to visit and experience.

Here at the Imperial Library, you will find books of every type. So no matter how old the book is, you will easily find them and get a copy.

Countless digital books are waiting for you on this site. You will find such books that you may never find on the surface web or at any bookstore. The Imperial Library is a perfect digital bookstore waiting for you.

Keep in mind not downloading any book and only reading it on the site. This will keep you safe from any virus attacks.

  1. Sci-Hub

If you like to learn about scientific topics and have experienced limited information on the surface web, the Sci-Hub is one site you would want to visit. The Sci-Hub holds such scientific information that you may not find anywhere.

Even classified files on scientific research can be found on this site. It all depends on what you are looking for on this site. Articles on sensitive topics and research papers can be found on Sci-Hub.

The best thing about this site is everything is completely free for you to use. You don’t have to pay a single buck to access any file. All you need to do is type the topic, and you will see the material regarding it.

However, ensure not to share sensitive information on the surface web. The restrictions still exist on the surface web, and you can land yourself in trouble for sharing such information.

There is a reason why that information is not available on the surface web.

  1. ProPublica

ProPublica is one of the most popular and highly used dark web links. The site is perfect if you want to share sensitive information or speak out about any topic you cannot on the surface web.

Dark Web Sites You Should Look For

ProPublica has successfully offered a safe channel for people who want to share stories regarding any public scam, fraud, or corruption. Through such stories, many people have been exposed.

That is why ProPublica is one of the most highly used sites. Journalists, citizens, and others use this to find news about various topics.

If you want to share any story that you can’t on the surface web due to being sensitive, you can easily share it on ProPublica. Moreover, you can anonymously do so without worrying about risking your safety.

  1. Dread

Having any problems using the dark web links and can’t solve them? Dread is a perfect discussion forum that can help you connect with other dark web users.

Dread is more like a dark web version of Quora. Here you can ask questions, and everyone will help you in the best way possible. This is one best site to connect to other dark web users and find answers to your questions.

However, remember not to share your personal information, no matter how convincing the person may look. You don’t want to risk your safety and privacy at any cost.

  1. The Hidden Wallet

If you are looking to spend a long time on the dark web, then the Hidden Wallet is surely on site you would want. However, the payment mode on the dark web is slightly different from the surface web.

Here no payment is made through credit or debit cards. Instead, payment is made through Bitcoins. You can anonymously buy Bitcoins and use them to make payments.

However, to store those Bitcoins, you would need a digital wallet, which is when the Hidden Wallet comes to help you. The Hidden Wallet is a digital wallet storing all your transactions.

The best thing is that it isn’t regulated, and you can use it without paying taxes. In addition, you can make payments at any site on the dark web using the Hidden Wallet. However, ensure not to share your credentials, as anyone can hack into your wallet and steal your Bitcoins.

Since the transactions are anonymous, you cannot trace them and know who did them.

Things not to do on Dark Web Links

You should refrain from doing many things on dark web links. We may have shared these things in different sections, but it is important to have them all in one place for you to understand them properly.

The dark web is a platform you must be very careful around. This section will help you remember the things not to do that many users accidentally end up doing.

Here is what you need to be careful of when using dark web links:

  • Never share your personal information
  • Don’t share payment credentials
  • Don’t download any file
  • Keep the camera and microphone covered
  • Never trust anyone you find on dark web links
  • Always have a third-party VPN connected
  • Stay away from illegal activities
  • Only visit the sites you know about
  • Don’t forget about connecting the anti-virus software
  • Don’t chat with anyone about any sensitive topic

These measures aren’t only for the first use. You have to make sure these are in place every single time you are using the dark web.

Why do I See Some of The Dark Web Sites on the Surface Web?

This is a common question many dark web users have when they use the surface web. Well, some sites are present on the surface and dark web. But on both sites, the links have many different things.

For example, the DuckDuckGo is an anonymous search engine on the surface web and doesn’t track your IP address. However, on the dark web, the same DuckDuckGo is very different.

These sites are very advanced on the dark web and serve different purposes. Another example can be seen in ProPublica. This site is on the surface web and publishes news articles and information.

Yes, ProPublica on the surface web is banned in some countries, but you can still use it. However, the dark version of ProPublica helps expose corruption, scams, and other criminal activities by famous people.

Don’t confuse the dark websites you see on the surface. On the surface web, they are restricted, and you cannot do things on them that you can do on the dark web.

History of Dark Web Links

You may have heard a lot about the dark web, and by now, you may also know how to use them. But do you know how the dark web came into existence?

Well, very few know about the history of the dark web. The history of dark web links is an interesting one.

The invention of the dark web goes too far in history than we can think of. Many say that it all started when the ARPANET communication system was introduced for data sharing between devices during the late 60s.

The ARPANET played a good role during the Cold War, and many people saw how great it could be in the coming times. However, with time the use of ARPANET fell into the wrong hands, and some people were carrying out illegal drug transactions.

Then in 1991, the internet was made public, which took the world by storm. While people were trying to get used to the internet in 2000, the Freenet was introduced.

The Freenet was software through which people could anonymously share files. The concept of Freenet left an idea of anonymous internet, which is when the dark web came into invention.

In 2002 Tor was launched. This was the first ever private browsing platform for internet users. Tor created a private environment for internet users by letting them freely use the internet without restrictions.

With time Tor saw the demand for free internet and came up with ideas to tackle government firewalls and help people use the internet without censorship. And from then, we got the dark web we use now.

Why Can We Only use Bitcoin for Payments at Dark Web Links?

When Tor was growing and the dark web was making its place, many people found it difficult to make payments safely. They wanted a form of payment that was untraceable and left no trail behind.

However, before Bitcoin, many people tried to create digital currencies to tackle that problem. But they weren’t much effective and had many issues.

However, then in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first ever Bitcoin. This changed the entire game for online, illegal transactions. Bitcoin was the perfect currency for illegal transactions, and with its introduction, sales on the dark web saw a spike.

Since then, Bitcoin has been the only form of currency that you can use on the dark web. However, now many digital currencies are similar to Bitcoin, so why can’t people use them on the dark web?

The answer to this is simple. Bitcoin is the oldest currency on the dark web, and other new currencies have many irregularities. Many of them can be traced and don’t seem fit for illegal transactions.

Dark web users are now familiar with making payments in Bitcoin and don’t want any new currency to enter and cause disruption.

Is there a Future for Dark Web Links?

Well, you cannot say anything about the dark web links. However, there may be possibilities that, in some time, the dark web may be shut down one way or the other.

The dark web has recently gained huge popularity, and illegal activities keep rising. It is a perfect channel for criminals, and security agencies cannot sit and watch.

There have been many attempts in the past where some of the largest dark websites hosting criminal activities were shut down. For example, the Silk Road was one of the first attempts by security agencies against illegal activities on the dark web.

The Silk Road was a site where you could easily buy and sell drugs. The site made drug dealing so easy that it topped the list of security agencies in no time, and soon it was shut down.

After that, there were similar operations as well. And there is no doubt that there will be operations where many of the sites will be closed in the future.

However, not all sites host illegal activities, but many contain content through illegal means. There may be sites where piracy is an issue and similar charges.

That is why you can say that the dark web and its links may be shut down soon. The time may not be easy to determine, but it can be predicted.

Final Words

This was your big explanation for the dark web and its links. Here we have discussed every element in detail so you can easily understand everything.

If you use dark web links, avoid links hosting illegal content. Security agencies monitor such links, and you can land into deep trouble. Other than that, you will surely have a good time finding exciting content.

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