Dark web links – Where to get real links & How to use them

Dark Web Links Where to get real links and how to use them


The dark web is a place where links are not just for show. In fact, it’s one of the only places on the internet where you can find real links. These links are essential for getting the most out of your browsing experience, and they can also be used for a variety of other purposes. In this blog post, we will discuss where to find dark web links and how to use them!

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a network that can be accessed only by special software or the Tor browser. It cannot be accessed with regular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. The most common form of this special software is TOR which was originally an acronym for ‘The Onion Router. This anonymity makes it one of the safest places on the internet not to receive legal threats.

Where are Dark Web Links Found?

There are thousands of websites hosting links accessible on the dark web which are also called onion sites. These sites usually have .onion in their URLs and can be easily found through search engines like Google or Bing. However, these links may not always work without using the TOR browser because they normally contain privacy encoded information regarding the server, its location and it is a very secretive place.

How can I access Dark Web Links?

There are two ways in which you can be able to access dark web links:- Tor browser – Is freeware with an open-source. The Tor network conceals your identity from the website you visit by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all over the world acting as proxies. In fact, using this browser prevents people from learning your location or browsing habits. Onion URL – A special kind of link that allows users to access websites on TOR. They always begin with “HTTPS://”. From here on, steps one and two below should make more sense:

1) Download & InstallTOR browser – https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html

2) Open TOR and copy an onion URL from somewhere or find one by searching on Google.

3) Paste the onion URL into the address bar (without clicking it first).

4) The website should open up and be ready for you to access its content

How can i Access Dark Web Links

How do I get Dark Web Links?

The dark web is a haven for illegal and immoral activities such as trading drugs and guns, buying human organs, child pornography, prostitution, etc. While all this may sound scary to many people it’s not all that bad. Many people are just there to have fun without having the fear of being caught by authorities. There are perfectly legal websites that have information about anything under the sun. You can find links to everything from blogging platforms, and anonymous email services to insurance comparison websites. However, if you want access to these links or any kind of link on the TOR network your first step should be downloading & installing the TOR browser – https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html

How do I know if a Dark WebLink is real?

Like all other websites on the internet, TOR sites can also be faked. But there are some sure signs to look out for when you come across a dark web link.

– The name of the website should end with .onion instead of an extension like .com, .org, etc. – The browser’s URL bar should begin with “HTTP://” and not “HTTPS://”. – It should not take more than a couple of minutes for the page to load. If it takes too long then that means either you have been handed a fake link or that server is overloaded because of too much traffic. – Most importantly, the website should not look suspicious. If you think it doesn’t look right and you feel afraid of accessing any sensitive information then simply leave it.


Ways to access these Links Safely:-

1) Always use a VPN (a virtual private network) such as Cyberghost, NordVPN, or Express VPN to hide your original IP address. This is important because when you visit dark web links, your anonymity is the number one priority and every hacker in there will be trying to hack you and get all your information like what websites you visited, where you live, and much more. A good VPN should have protocols like OpenVPN which uses 256-bit AES encryption keys for high security. Also, make sure that the company does not keep any logs of your activity so that no one can track it back to you later on.

2) Disable JavaScript from TOR browser settings. By disabling this option, certain elements on a page wouldn’t be allowed to run and hence the page would load much faster and you can also open links inside the TOR browser safely.

3) Always type in a username and password to log into any website. This way, even if someone spies on your connection, all they’ll get is a login screen with no information about who you truly are.

4) Try making an account on well-known dark web forums because these websites tend to have good security protection which will not let hackers take control of your computer by getting malicious codes from anywhere else.

5) It’s much safer to use multiple identities when buying something online or transferring money through the dark web than to use your main identity. So it’s better to create accounts with different names and use them accordingly for what they were meant for.

How do i get dark web links

6) Always use the TOR browser on your computer to access dark web links because that’s the safest form of protection you can have. Using a mobile phone while accessing these links is highly discouraged because cell phones are not meant for high-security applications.

7) You need to have some basic knowledge about using proxies and VPNs which is why it’s advisable to learn how to use them before venturing out into this kind of stuff. If you’re an absolute beginner then read on the TOR Project website about how to get around censorship online safely.

8) As mentioned earlier, don’t trust links on search engines or any other webpage just copy/paste it on the address bar on TOR. Because there are many people out there who will post fake links for their own personal gain.


Purposes for which Dark Web links are used :

1. Hacking –

There are many hackers out there who will provide you with very useful information and software if you can simply give them some Bitcoins.

2. Buying Drugs

There’s a wide variety of drugs available on the dark web and most of them come at affordable rates which is why it’s such a hit among students and teenagers looking for some new kind of experience.

3) Selling financial information

Selling financial information like credit card details, bank account passwords, etc. If someone else has already done this then they’ll usually charge a heavy sum in return for that information but selling something like this is not recommended unless you have no other means of making money.

4) Buying cyber-weapon

Buying cyber-weaponry from different sellers who want to sell their products without being tracked down.

5) Protecting your privacy because there are many people out there who want to keep an eye on your online activity and keep all the information they can gather about you (i.e latest news etc.)

6) VPN

Software like Virtual Private Network (VPN), or web anonymizers like Onion Routing which is a volunteer-run anonymous network that allows users to communicate privately and securely through ‘onion’ services, with hidden IP addresses

7) Deep Web Exploring

Some people use dark web links for finding and exploring the deep and dark sides of the internet right from hacking forums, stolen databases, hackers selling account credentials, cyber weapons data leak forums, etc.

Selling Financial Information and Protecting your privacy

8) Journalists

Many journalists use these links to find stories for their work because some websites out there publish highly sensitive articles and information.

9) Government Monitoring

Some users use these links to bypass censorship in their country where the internet is heavily monitored by the government.

10) Entertainment

People also use dark web links for entertainment purposes like reading about different kinds of conspiracies, the latest news, and events happening around the world, video gaming and technology forums etc.

11) Politics

There are some links that also focus on the niche of politics, anarchy, drugs, healthcare, etc.

12) Pornography

Many people will try to find dark web links for pornography but you should be careful while clicking on any link because there are many people out there who are trying to trap innocent internet users by posting fake pornographic material or they’ll hack your computer by getting malicious software. So it’s highly discouraged to click on random links without verifying them first

13) Hackers Forum

Even hackers have their own forums & marketplaces where they can exchange information about tools and tricks in cyber hacking.

14) Helping

People sometimes use dark web links for good purposes like helping each other when in need. Like if someone gets locked into a foreign country then he/she might ask for help in finding a way to come back home without being tracked down so they might post something like this on the dark web saying. “I’m stuck here and need help”, or “I’ve been kidnapped, please help me” so someone might actually give them a helping hand and post real dark web links for their rescue.

Deep Web Exploring

15) Other Stuff

Some other people use dark web links to find other stuff which is not illegal. But should be frowned upon like bestiality sites, gore sites, etc. Not only this, there are all kinds of forums out there. Where people talk about different things completely unrelated to hacking/dark web/drugs/pornography. So you’ll need to be careful because while there’s a lot of interesting stuff on the dark web, there are some other things that you might find unpleasant.

16) Buying & Selling

People use it for buying & selling their products/items/stuff whether they have to sell a house or car or they want to buy new mobile phones, books, clothes, etc. These links offer many payment options like Paypal, Moneygram, etc.

17) Scamming

There are sites that may ask you to pay a hefty sum in order to get certain information. But then again most of these websites contain nothing worthwhile and just try scamming people

18) Hacking tools & Software

You can even buy and sell your own hacking tools and software because many hackers out there are trying to make a living out of it, that’s why they sell their tools & exploits.

19) Stealing Information

If you’re looking for any information on social security numbers, credit card numbers, how to hack into someone’s Facebook account, ATM card data, etc. then these dark web links are the place to go.

20) Dating Sites

A lot of dating websites are also present on the deep & dark web which is used by many people who want to hook up with other people secretly just because they have their personal issues.

21) Technical Product Marketplace

There are all kinds of marketplaces out there. Where you can buy almost anything that comes into your mind right from new/used mobile phones, laptops, MacBooks, video games, etc.

22) Scam Buying

Some forums allow users access only if they pay a certain amount. But it’s not recommended at all because you might get nothing in return.

23) DDOS attack

A lot of hackers also make money by performing DDoS attacks on some websites. Therefore they have their own links through which you can buy these services from them. But again it’s not recommended.

24) Deep Web Blogging Forums

Forums are one of the best things about the deep web. Because there are a lot of topics covered that people might be interested in. Like conspiracy theories, current political situations, science, technology news, etc. In fact, you’ll find all kinds of forums out there for just everything.

Dark Web Scamming

25) Search Engines

These links aren’t indexed by many search engines. So finding them manually is pretty difficult unless you know where to look for them. Or you just take a dive in using the TOR browser and look around yourself. Until you find something interesting.

26) Weapon Store

There are different kinds of marketplaces where you can buy weapons like guns, knives, grenades, etc.


Ways to find the Dark Web Links:

1) Some people just Google it and find some random results. But more often than not, they get fake links that have been scraped from the internet.

2) Asking on Reddit or other forums is another way to get quick results (don’t expect too much though)

3) If you think your Google-Fu is good enough then go ahead and try finding them yourself everywhere!

4) Lastly, there are websites like Onion Links Pro. Where you can find all kinds of deep web links with ease. However, these sites might be banned in a few countries due to their adult content factor.

5) Be careful about what kind of dark weblink you’re clicking. Because most of them won’t do anything useful for you unless you’re a hacker/programmer.

6) You can find all kinds of tools out there for free. But please note that nothing comes for free in this world. So make sure you don’t give away your personal information, email address, etc. Because sooner or later you’ll receive spam emails from different companies. Which offer to increase your pen*s size, get rich overnight, and whatnot!

7) Now you can even transfer money through the TOR network. It’s done through something called Onion routing. Which is similar to what TOR does. But instead of just surfing anonymously, it works as a payment system. So if you have some crypto coins, wish to buy bitcoins, etc. then go ahead and try Onion banking.

8) The best thing about these links is that they’re 100% anonymous. Therefore you don’t have to worry about being tracked down by anyone.

Ways to find the dark web links

9)Keep in mind that some links might not work properly so always check their .onion link before clicking on them because most of these links are similar to what you see every day and if you’re not careful then it’s easy to click the wrong thing.

Dark Web Links on the dark web worth visiting

1)Onionscan: Onionscan is a website that lets you find all the hidden services on TOR including their uptime status.

2) TorDir: It will let you know about other deep web links both known and unknown ones.

3) Hidden Answers: This site lets you ask questions anonymously, therefore if there’s something that strikes your mind then just go ahead! You might not get an answer but it’s worth a shot.

4) Ion Dark Net Market: You can buy anything from this marketplace with relative ease so have fun while shopping!

5) Hash Land

This is a forum for people who love cryptography and share their ideas about cryptographies.

6) OnionWorld: It’s a social network where you can discuss and exchange information with other users.

7) PeekYou: Even though it’s not available on TOR but you can use its deep web link to access that website.

8) The Hidden Wiki: It’s a wiki page that contains links to different deep web topics.

9) Dnoid.onion: This site has links to different technical resources on the deep web.

10) Black Market Reloaded

It’s basically an eBay of the dark web. Where you can buy and sell all kinds of stuff which is even hard to imagine. Therefore be careful what you’re buying!

11) Stolen Stuff: Stealing is not good but if people are ready to give away their expensive items then it makes sense to grab them before someone else does right? So go ahead, find yourself your favorite thing!

12) R&R Market: This marketplace offers drugs like ecstasy pills, LSD, etc . for sale with relative ease depending upon how many Bitcoins you have actually.

13) Nightmare – Forum: A nightmare forum is basically a discussion board where all kinds of topics are discussed from politics to photography. So if you have something to say then go ahead!

14) The Space Station Marketplace

You can find anything from this marketplace provided that it’s legal in your country.

Dark web links on the dar web worth visiting

15) Torgle : Even though TORGLE is not available on TOR but you can use its deep web link to access that website for free. It basically keeps a record of different marketplaces and their reviews so just check them out!

16) The Hub Forums: This forum is kind of like an IM network where people go to chat with others regarding various topics.

17) Yacy Search Engine: It comes under the umbrella of the distributed search engine category which means that it crawls the web and indexes it in a decentralized way with the help of peer-to-peer technology.

18) Yandex Marketplace

It’s basically an online shopping mall where you can buy clothes, shoes, etc. Apart from that, there are many other links available on this website.

19) OnionDir : It has links to various deep web topics including forums, drug websites, social networks, etc. So if you’re looking for something then go ahead!

20) 3D Rendered Textures : Instead of using Photoshop try out your skills by creating your own textures by taking inspiration from these renders.



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