Darknet Guide – Follow the Safe Dark Web Links Guide In 2022

Darknet Guide Follow the safe dark web links guide in 2022



Dark Web Links Guide

The dark web is intriguing to many people, and everyone wants to try to use it. That is because it contains all the unknowns that we want to discover. However, navigating this part of the web is not as easy as it sounds.

You must know the right steps and guidelines that will allow you to have a safe experience. After all, just like the standard web, even the dark web is filled with threats. So, if you want to navigate safely on this part of the internet, you have come to the right place.

Here is your complete dark web guide for 2022.

What Are The Different Internet Layers?

Before we move on to understanding how you can surf the dark web safely, it is important to understand the different internet layers and what they contain. Here are the three layers of the internet that you must familiarize yourself with:

1. Standard Web

The top and foremost web layer is the surface or standard web. This is the part of the internet you have access to every day and at any time using various browsers. These include Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and other standard browsers you use every day.

It contains all the indexed pages that you can access through a quick Google search. However, you can only see the information visible to you on that page. You don’t have access to the information in the backend, archives, or account pages.

2. Deep Web

The deep web is the next layer of the internet, and it is the private layer that is mostly protected by passwords. It takes up most of the internet, and you can’t access these pages through a simple search. That is because a search engine will not index these pages.

In simple terms, this is the part of the web where you need login credentials or links to access. Examples of the deep web are:

  • Debit or credit card information
  • Medical records
  • Cloud drives
  • Account pages
  • Reports
  • And much more

Many people confuse the deep web and the dark web, but they are not the same things. For example, the database of your company will be part of the deep web. However, the dark web is much more than that.

3. Dark Web

This is the third layer, and it is one of the most challenging layers of the internet to find unless you know what to do. That is because you can’t access dark web links through a standard browser. Besides that, the links’ structure is also different from what you will notice on the other two layers of the web.

Is It Legal To Use Dark Web?

Of course, you require a unique browser to access the websites on the dark web. An important thing to note here is that this part of the internet is not regulated in any way. Because of this, you will find many illegal activities and websites here, of which you must be aware.

While you are on the dark web, you must tread carefully, as it is also susceptible to cybercriminals and hackers. You can use a VPN if you want to browse the dark web safely without giving away any important information about yourself.

Is It Legal To Use Dark Web?

The dark web is not illegal in most countries. The only thing you need to remember is that if you are partaking in illegal activities on the dark web, then you will encounter problems. As long as the activity is legal, you should be able to use the dark web without any hassle.

However, there are many countries that have significant censorship rules, such as the UAE and China. If you are from any of these countries, then you can’t access the dark web, as it is illegal. It is crucial that you understand the country’s laws before you decide to use the dark web.

That is because there are cases where people have gotten caught for illegal activities on the dark web. But, as long as you abide by the rules, you should be good at using the dark web.

A Guide to Accessing the Dark Web Safely In 2022

Now that you understand some basics of the dark web, here is a complete guide that will help you access the dark web safely in 2022:

1. Download The Tor Browser

The first thing you must do is download the Tor browser on your PC. It is crucial that you download this browser from the official website. That is because there are many fake versions in the market that can cause problems.

Besides that, we also recommend that you don’t change the size of your window when you browse. That is because doing this can lead to hackers collecting various data points about you. Depending on your operating system, there are different ways to download the Tor browser. You can browse dark web links through Tor.

Here is how you can download the Tor browser on a Mac or Windows.

Downloading the Tor Browser for Mac

Here are the steps you must follow to download the Tor browser on your Mac:

  • Install a VPN: Be sure to install a reputable VPN that will offer the highest encryption to your browser
  • Connect to a server: We recommend that you connect to a local server. It will give you the best speed as you browse the dark web
  • Download the Tor browser: Visit the official page of the Tor browser and install the Mac file
  • Drag file to the application window: When you do this, the installation procedure will begin
  • Configure/connect the Tor browser: Restrictive networks, such as ones of workplaces, can block Tor. If that is the case, then you must click on configure, which will ask if you are using the browser in a censored region. It will then help you configure it accordingly. Otherwise, you can click on Connect to begin browsing

Downloading the Tor Browser for Mac

Downloading the Tor Browser for Windows

Here are the steps you must follow to download the Tor browser on your Windows:

  • Follow the first two steps mentioned above for Mac
  • Download the Tor browser: Visit the official page of the Tor browser and install the Windows file
  • Open file: Open the file you download and pick a language so that you can go through the installation wizard
  • Complete Installation: As the installation finishes, the browser will give you a few options on how you want to go further
  • Configure or Connect Tor: Follow the same configure or connect step as you did for the Mac file

2. Installing The VPN

We already established in the aforementioned steps that you have to install a VPN before you begin with the installation of the Tor browser. It is crucial to understand this step in detail, as you must protect yourself when using the dark web. A VPN will help you encrypt your web traffic so that it can be hidden from anyone who might be watching you online.

That is because using a Tor browser will not guarantee you security and privacy. Your web traffic can still be traced back to you by someone who has enough resources and time. There are many high-quality VPNs out there that will offer you significant protection as you explore the dark web.

We recommend that you conduct extensive research and find a VPN that will work best for you. Once you do, you can begin using the Tor browser without worrying about your privacy and security on the dark web. Please refrain from using any free versions of VPNs, as they will not offer you the protection you need on the dark web.

3. Setting up The Tor Browser

Now that you have the VPN, you can begin using the Tor browser you downloaded before. However, it is important to understand how to set it up. Here are some of the top things you must remember that will help you set up the Tor browser in no time:

Managing The Add-Ons

If you want added security, we recommend that you enable all the add-ons that the Tor browser offers. You can do this by clicking on the hamburger icon, then Preferences, and then Extensions and Themes. As this option opens, you will find “HTTPS Everywhere.”

If you enable this option, it will allow you a safe version of the website. On the other hand, there will be another option for “NoScript.” Turning this option on will disable the JavaScript on websites that are not trustworthy or reliable.

Opt For the Highest Security Levels

The Tor browsers also offer different security levels you can opt for as you browse. We recommend that you set the security level of your Tor browser to the safest. You can do this by clicking on the shield button in the top-right browser corner and clicking Advanced Security Settings.

Setting up The Tor Browser

4. Use A Live Mobile OS (Operating System)

Another important part of your privacy and security is that you don’t leave any traces behind. That is because many operating systems, such as Windows, don’t let you stay completely private and secure on the dark web. The operating system collects all your personal data and creates an advertising ID for you to offer to third parties.

You unwillingly give so much of your personal data to these organizations, which is why it is important to take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself. The best solution for your security and privacy is to download a mobile OS, such as Tails, Qubes, Whonix, or ZuesGuard.

5. Install Antivirus Software

Adding layers of protection when you are navigating the dark web. These steps will completely keep your device safe from any cybercriminal or hacker. It is also important that you keep updating the software as it asks you to so that you can have the latest versions with all the new features.

Please refrain from using any free antivirus software. Such antiviruses will not protect your device, and they might make you more prone to cyberattacks. You have to perform comprehensive research here so that you can find the antivirus software that will offer you complete protection.

6. Create A Different Email

You must not use your actual email address on the dark web. Even your email has important information that can lead to chaos in the wrong hands. You can create a new email address that you can dedicate to your dark web activity.

Besides that, you can also opt to create an encrypted email address that will protect your identity. An example of this is to use a platform known as, ProtonMail. It will help you create an email address that will keep all your dark web activity safe and secure.

Top Safe Dark Web Links

Now that you know what darknet is and how to access the links, it is time to share some of the best and top links. There may be countless links but mentioned below are the top ones. You can use them without risking your privacy and security.

Every link here is accessed in the same way every link is. You don’t have to do anything specific to access them. In addition, they are very easy to use and navigate.


1.   Dark Web Facebook

No doubt that you use Facebook and socialize with your friends on the platform. However, you can also find the dark link for Facebook. It is similar to Facebook, but there may be a privacy risk in using this.

Dark Web Facebook

This link for dark Facebook would work perfectly in countries where access to Facebook is restricted. Therefore, if you reside in one of the countries where you cannot use Facebook, the darknet link will work perfectly for you. However, if you look online for the onion link on Facebook, you may encounter many unsafe and risky links.

Here is the safest onion link for Facebook to help you use this social media platform on the darknet.


2.   Dark Web or the Hidden Wiki

Wikipedia is the leading platform where you can get information about anyone and anything. We use it every day in our lives without noticing how it will help us. But do you know there is a hidden wiki on the darknet that works slightly differently?

Here on the dark web, the hidden wiki works as a directory for countless options of dark links for you to access. You can find every type of dark link here and improve your experience by navigating through the dark wiki.

However, before clicking on any website, please make sure you know what you will see. The hidden wiki has every type of link, and you don’t want to open something that you don’t want to see. This link to the hidden wiki is safe to use, but not all the links you find on this site are safe. Therefore, you should know what you are going to click and open.


3.   Dread

Dread is one of the best sites you can surf on the darknet when you need answers to your questions. It is just like the Reddit you normally use. But here, you have to sign up and pay for what you use.

The simplest way to sign up is using an anonymous email and paying by anonymous bitcoin. This would ensure your privacy and wouldn’t risk your privacy. Here you can get the latest events and gossip about the town. So make sure to sign up to know about everything going on.

You can also start a discussion anonymously and connect with everyone on your forum. This would be a great way to discuss things you generally can on the normal web.

4.   Hidden Wallet

Normally on the web, we buy things by attaching our credit or debit card, but on the darknet, things are different when you have to pay for something. So, to avoid risking your credentials and privacy, the Hidden Wallet was created.

The Hidden Wallet is your digital wallet and lets you carry out transactions in Bitcoins. Here you don’t have any financial regulations, and it saves you from declaring your balance. Making transactions easier on the dark web, the Hidden Wallet is there. Here everything is hidden, and you can safely buy anything.

Hidden Wallet

5.   The MegaTor

Be it the dark web or the normal web, sharing files and documents is all we have to do somehow. But on the darknet, safely sharing files was once a challenge for every user. But later came the MegaTor.

The MegaTor is a safe file-sharing platform available on the darknet. Here you can share files with your friends or someone from the darknet community. You can share all types of content for free and download them at the maximum speed without facing any connection issues.

However, accept files only from the user you know, as other files can contain malware and can be a risk to your system.


6.   DuckDuckGo

Millions of users of the darknet use the DuckDuckGo search engine. Here on the dark web, it is the best search engine. Without tracking their users and serving non-personalized search results, then DuckDuckGo is the only one here.

You can find everything on this search engine, making using the dark web easier for you. Without going through the hassle of seeing ads and getting irritated by useless content, DuckDuckGO is here to be a one-time search engine for you.


7.   ProPublica

There are many things one person can’t discuss or share with the world in public. But, sharing those details can risk their lives, which is when platforms like ProPublica on the darn web come to help.

The main aim of this link is to expose any public threat, corruption, or abuse of power. But this link has helped many people get justice through its secure and advanced journalism. ProPublica may also be present on the surface web, but the onion link offers extreme security and anonymity.

Here you can find controversial stories about celebrities and politicians. Unfortunately, you cannot access ProPublica on the surface web is mainly oppressive countries. But you can use the Tor Browser and the onion link of this platform.


8.   Elude

Are you looking for email services on the darknet without tracking your analytics and asking for personal information? Then, elude is the perfect email service you can find on the dark web. Offering services with no frills, the Elude is the safest email service you can find on the darknet.

On Elude, you don’t have to see or face the hassle of ads, and it never tracks your usage. All the emails you’ve are stored in the hidden services and are encrypted. Here you don’t have to face any threat to your mail.

Anonymously create your accounts and use them for free. Never use your real name or any sensitive information on the darknet, even if it is the safest link.


9.   Daniel

Are you done visiting dark web links and needing new websites to improve your experience? Daniel is another link directory that is going to help you out. You will find thousands of onion links sorted into categories, so it can be easier for you to explore the dark side of the web.

One of Daniel’s best features is that it will tell you if a dark website is online or not. That would save your time from opening every website and then seeing it not work. It is one of the best features of Daniel, as, on the Tor browser, you can experience long loading times, and saves a lot of your time by already telling you if the link will work or not.


10.       Sci-Hub

Not every scientific knowledge may be available on the surface web. And science is a very deep subject and has countless information and knowledge. So if you cannot find information about some things on the surface web, the Sci-Hub is the perfect platform to gain any scientific knowledge you are seeking.

This website removes all the barriers you have been facing while seeking scientific knowledge. In addition, you can find millions of scientific research files that may not be available on the surface web.

Accessing and gaining endless scientific knowledge for free is what the main aim of this website has been for some time now. This website has helped many studies reach the results due to the knowledge and information you can get from here.


11.       Wasabi Wallet

We use credit or debit cards on the normal web for financial transactions. It is on the dark web recommended to never share such credentials on the darknet as they can then be sold by hackers and used for scams.

Therefore, to avoid such problems on the darknet, the use of digital currency was promoted. And now, every single transaction is done through bitcoins. Wasabi is one of the best digital currency wallets you can find on the darknet without any threat to your bitcoins.

There are many security features on this link that make your transactions safe. The most popular feature of this website is the Neutrino Protocol, as this protocol verifies the transactions by providing the client with a task to complete rather than the server.

This ensures extreme security, and no one can ever access your wallet without your permission. In addition, millions of dark web users worldwide use the Wasabi wallet to make transactions through digital currency easier on the darknet.


12.       Deep Web Radio

No doubt music helps improve your mood and enlightens you from some stress. But, are you bored with listening to music on the surface web and want to access some music libraries on the darknet? Well, that is what Deep Web Radio is here for.

It is the best digital music station where you can listen to music and vibe on them. Here you can listen to every type of music stream and access the link through the Tor Browser. In Deep Web Radio, you have around eleven channels, and you listen to unique music on every channel.


13.       Comic Book Library

The darknet is not only for something you cannot do on the regular web. Many people use the dark web to access things they can specifically get here. Therefore, many people access the comic book library to read some niche books that may not be available online on the surface web.

You can find a book of any genre on the comic book library website. You can get thousands of books and download them anytime you want, from mainstream comics to the ones that have been lost by many people and are not easily available.

Visit the comic book library on the darknet if you are a comic freak and read the books you haven’t got the chance to.


14.       RiseUp

Created 23 years ago by darknet influencers, RiseUp is a live chat platform that helps everyone get together. This platform has been working to create a community of all the darknet users and make it easier to socialize.

The RiseUp has contributed a lot to social change on the darknet. This platform is safe to use, and no chat is stored on the servers. Therefore, it offers maximum security to chat and socialize without risking your privacy.

However, before going on the RiseUp, there is one thing you need to know about it that will help you join the platform. To join RiseUp, you need an invitation code from someone already registered to this platform.

Without the invitation code, you wouldn’t be able to use the platform and socialize.


15.       Imperial Library

The comic book library may only be for comic books, but sometimes you need a place to get every type of book. Well, that is what the Imperial Library is for. Here you can find endless types of books without any hassle.

Find any publication, and you will get it here. This library has a collection of over half a million books. You can choose any book to begin your reading with. However, keep in mind the copyright infringement when surfing through this site.

Click Here For Imperial Library:

16.       Ahmia

For a category of a website, you find different types of websites. For example, there is not only one type of search engine that you will find here on the darknet. Ahmia is just one of the best search engines on the Tor Browser.

Offering a hidden and encrypted service search engine, Ahmia ensures maximum security and doesn’t track your searches. One of the best features you will experience on Ahmia is that it eliminates the types of content that you wouldn’t want to see.

If you are afraid to use a search engine just because you will see something that will horrify you, use the Ahmia search engine for a safe search user experience. It will enhance your experience on the darknet in no time. For a user-friendly experience, make sure to use Ahmia.


17.       The Hidden Answers

If you love reading Quora on the surface web, this website is perfect for using on the darknet. You can ask anything on this website without getting censored or reported. It is the best platform to discuss things that one wouldn’t be comfortable enough in front of many people.

This is why Hidden Answers is one of the most popular and highly used websites on the darknet. If you are a beginner on the darknet, this is the best website to learn things about. You can ask the users about any query you have regarding the darknet.

You can learn more about the darknet and how it works by taking help from current users. Other than you can ask or answer questions without anyone knowing that it is you. That means security will be the top thing you are going to be offered.

18.       SearX

You may have seen this platform on the surface web, but things are quite different here on the SearX version of the darknet. It is one of the best metasearch engines you can use. This search engine wouldn’t share your IP address to offer a secure user experience. It also blocks any cookies that can affect the search results.

According to your profile, you wouldn’t see any results as the search engine submits a post using HTTP POST. It doesn’t enter any keywords in your search engines that could affect future searches.

On this search engine, you can find every type of file, document, post, map, and every kind of information. Make sure not to search for any sensitive information to avoid getting yourself in trouble.


Top Precautions You Must Take In 2022 to Surf the Dark Web

Now that you understand how you can begin using the dark web, it is important that you take the right precautions. These will help you explore the dark web safely.

1. Only Utilize Cryptocurrencies

Just like the surface web, you can buy anything on the dark web. However, you should not use any other form of payment apart from cryptocurrencies, even if the seller will accept a regular payment option. Under no circumstances must you use your debit or credit card for a transaction.

The secret is to use an anonymous crypto wallet so that all your financial information is hidden from dark web users. Bitcoin is the most common cryptocurrency that people use on the dark web. However, you can also use Bitcoin mixers if you want to stay anonymous without any hassle.

If you don’t want to opt for this, you can also try a privacy-focused coin. These include cryptocurrencies such as Monero or Zcash that will offer you the best anonymity as you purchase anything on the dark web.

2. Know Beforehand Where You Want To Visit

If you are used to surfing on the surface web, then you know that search engines will index all the search results that are relevant to you. However, you don’t have that option on the dark web. That is why it can be one of the most overwhelming experiences to find something you are looking for.

Because of this, you might even end up in places on the dark web you don’t want to visit. That is why before you use the dark web, you must plan on the websites you want to visit. The key to knowing this is to get your hands on a great dark web directory that will offer you all the dark web links.

These directories will help you find the safest pages related to the things you want to search. Even the dark web has directories that can allow you to navigate safely and figure out where you want to go. As a general rule of thumb, always plan your visits to these links and stick your nose only where it belongs.

Things can turn dark on this part of the web, which is why you must stray from all fishy websites. If you think a website doesn’t sit right, you can close it and move along, as you don’t want to stay on it for longer than needed.

3. Take Steps to Keep Yourself Anonymous

You can download all the safe third-party applications, but if you don’t take some important steps to keep yourself anonymous, your experience on the dark web can go astray. We recommend that you don’t use your real name, phone number, or picture on the dark web. That is because these things can identify you without any issues.

Of course, if this comes into the wrong hands, it can spell trouble for you. You can choose not to share these things on the dark web, even with a seller. Instead, you can come up with a different dark web identity that will allow you to stay safe and anonymous as you keep using the dark web.

4. Close All The Unnecessary Services And Applications On Your Device

You don’t need to have other things open on your device as you use the dark web. Cybercriminals and hackers can access these apps, and this can lead to many problems. That is why we recommend that every time you use the dark web, you should close all unnecessary applications and services on your device.

Take Steps to Keep Yourself Anonymous

These include streaming apps, banking apps, and everything else that is open on your device. Once you do, it means that there is no chance for any cyber criminal to get hold of your personal information through such sources and use it against you. So, before you begin your search, you must take out the time to close all of these things on your device for the best experience of dark web links.

5. Don’t Use Browser Extensions Or Add-Ons

The Tor browser already has a feature that will automatically block many of your plug-ins. These include Quicktime, RealPlayer, Flash, and many others. That is because many hackers have manipulated these extensions and plug-ins in the past to get the real IP address of many users.

Of course, this is out of the control of the browser, and even they can’t stop this from happening. That is why we recommend that you avoid using any browser extensions or add-ons when you are surfing on the dark web. If you don’t, hackers can use browser fingerprinting to track you and your information.

6. Cover the Speaker and Camera

There are many hackers and cybercriminals that hijack devices to collect recordings of people. That is why it is important you protect yourself, as many illegal activities take place on the dark web. After all, you wouldn’t want your recordings to end up in the wrong hands.

We recommend that you take some opaque tape or tape a coin to your camera. When you do this, if anyone is trying to hijack your camera, they will still not see what is happening. These are additional protection steps to ensure you remain anonymous and secure.

7. Turn Off the Location

Many people have location services or GPS enabled on their devices without realizing it. However, you must turn it off before you begin using the dark web. When you take this step, it will ensure that your actual location is not visible to any other user on the dark web.

You can go to the location settings of your device and then turn it off so that your location remains secure and private. Of course, this will depend on the device you are using.

8. Open The Downloaded File Offline

If you have downloaded anything from the dark web, we recommend that you don’t open it up immediately online. Instead, you must disable your internet before you open up the file. If you open it up while you are connected to the internet, it can leak your actual IP address.

Of course, if you have to download and check many files, we recommend that you download them all at once and then disconnect the internet. After that, you can check each file to see if it is what you want. Be sure not to download any files from suspicious websites as they can harm your computer, even while offline.

What Can You Do On The Dark Web?

Now that you have all the guidelines down, you might be wondering what you can do on the dark web. It is not only a space for illegal activities, contrary to popular belief. There are also many other things you can do on the dark web that can be beneficial to you.

Some of the top things you can do on the dark web include:

1. Buying Cheaper Products

Yes, you can find cheaper products on the dark web if you are trying to save money. However, these cheaper products include security software, electronics, and other such things. Many people sell stuff here from black markets, which is why they are cheaper than what you will find on the surface web.

Of course, you must keep in mind that purchasing anything on the dark web is a risky business. That is why we recommend that you use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to make purchases. Besides that, it is also crucial that you purchase from credible and reputable sources so that you don’t get scammed for your money.

2. Free Speech

There are many countries that don’t allow their citizens to have the freedom of free speech. Such countries have many censorship laws that don’t offer a chance for citizens to communicate as they like. If such people are exposed in these countries, they are given severe punishment.

That is why if you want a platform where you want to indulge in free speech, then you can opt for the dark web. It will allow you to communicate as you like without worrying about what will happen. Of course, it is still important that you take all the steps to keep yourself anonymous so that you are completely protected on the dark web.

3. Whistleblowing

Yes, many people don’t know this, but the dark web is one of the most popular places for whistleblowers and journalists to receive tips or conduct an investigation into a controversial situation. Whistleblowers come here to connect with journalists so the information can come out or vice versa. People use it to expose various corrupt public figures and criminals.

If you are a journalist or a whistleblower, you can go on the dark web to find what you are looking for. It is important to understand where to go and how to connect with the other person. Once you do, you will have done all of this without getting your name on it.

4. Free Resources

The dark web is even for intellectuals, as you can find many free resources here that will allow you to learn more and conduct any research you like. You can get your hands on research papers and digital books that you will not find on the surface web. If you are looking for such material, we recommend that you surf the dark web and give it a try.

However, it is important to use a directory for dark web links that will help you understand where you need to go to find such resources. After all, you don’t want to end up on a suspicious website that will hamper the download or have files that contain viruses. So, if you want to get your hands on some free resources, we suggest you give the dark web a try.

5. Anonymous Communication

If you want a safe space to communicate with others, we recommend that you go on the dark web. This part of the internet has many support websites and online communities where you can freely communicate as you will remain anonymous. Many people use these platforms to get advice and tips on various things.

If you have something to share but want to protect your identity, the dark web is your best bet. It will give you privacy and anonymity that will allow you to seek help and get advice on problems you are facing. If you don’t trust us, you can always try the platform and decide for yourself if it is useful for the things you want to share or get advice from other people.

6. Medical Advice

This is a surprising thing you can do on the dark web, but yes, you can get medical advice if you want to. That is because even the dark web has many doctors that offer their expertise to other people. This is especially helpful for people who are private about their health concerns and don’t want to share them with other people. Finding this type of dark web links is hard, but not impossible.

Besides that, it is also useful for people who don’t have the money to visit a doctor or clinic in their region. If you or someone you know is going through a medical condition and can’t access professional advice, then the dark web is a great place. It will enable you to get the advice you need without any hassle.

Beware Of These Dark Web Dangers In 2022

An important component of navigating the dark web safely in 2022 is to understand the dangers that lurk in these places. Here are some of the top dangers you must know about so that you can navigate the dark web safely:

1. Criminal Activities

The dark web is a place for many criminal illegal activities, as people can get away with it more easily. For example, you will find many criminal activities going on here, such as weapon dealing, drug dealing, fake documents, stolen documents, and much more. You will also find child pornography, assassins for hire, and other such criminal things.

If you go on any of these pages and someone finds out, you will face legal charges. That is why we advise you to research all dark web links before you enter them. Be sure to use a VPN for the best security.

Beware Of These Dark Web Dangers In 2022

2. Potential Cyberattacks

Even on the surface web, you are not protected from cyberattacks. However, you are prone to cyberattacks on the dark web, such as botnets, DDoS attacks, viruses, or even malware. For example, you can be prone to such attacks, even if you accidentally download a malicious file that might have malware or a virus.

Of course, if that happens, your device will come at risk as your personal information can get exposed. We recommend that you have a specific goal in mind when you are browsing the dark web. Always keep some dark web links with you so that you can browse more safely.

3. Fraudulent Websites

Hackers can use Trojans, fraudulent websites, phishing, and many other such things to access your personal data. Even a small thing, such as misclicking on something, can lead you to this scam where all the information on your device can leak. Besides that, cybercriminals hack the cameras and microphones of people so that they can get a live stream of other people.

It is easier to fall for this trap on the dark web because the links are highly unrecognizable and random. If this happens, your information will be at risk. That is why you must follow the step of opting for a VPN so that your information is safe and does not leak to anyone else.

4. Government Surveillance

You may think that no one can track you on the dark web, but you must keep in mind that the US government is always tracking you. Even the Tor browser is the product of the US government, which is why you are never safe. Apart from this, many authorities are setting up fake websites on the Darknet so that they can track any illegal activity happening.

When authorities create such websites, they will have access to whoever is visiting them. That is why if you accidentally end up on the website, they will know. So, it is important to always be careful and do your research before you partake in any activity related to the darknet.

5. Scams

Of course, one of the top problems on the dark web is the issue of scams. Many people on this part of the internet promise one thing but deliver something else. For example, you will find many websites that will offer you hitmen that can assassinate whoever you like.

However, most of these websites are there to con you so that the owners can take your money and dupe you. Because of this, you must know what you are getting into when you use the dark web. The right safety precautions will save you from many of these scams.

Government Surveillance

How to Protect Yourself against the Dangers of the Dark Web

No matter what you do, there is no way that will offer you foolproof protection. However, you can take steps, such as using cryptocurrency wallets, encrypted email IDs, and reliable VPNs. You can’t do much more than that, but if you do these things, it will offer you significant protection from any dark web dangers.

You can also download a reputable antivirus or malware software before you start browsing the dark web. They will warn you about suspicious websites and ensure that you are not using anything you are not supposed to. These steps are important for creating a safe experience for yourself.

There are also many cases where people have gotten into trouble for doing illegal activities on the dark web or have been prone to scams. That is why we recommend that you do what you need to do and don’t spend hours exploring this aspect of the internet. You will never know where you will end up, and you don’t want to find out because it can lead to any problem.

Final Words

That was your complete guide for the dark web. Here, you can find detailed information to help you navigate the dark web and be a unique experience for you. However, before entering the darknet, understand each step thoroughly to avoid any risk to your personal information.

This guide will be the only one to help you start using the dark web. Do not visit any website that can create any problem, and do not engage yourself in any illegal activity. Other than the dark web is an experience that one should have at least once in their lifetime. Make sure to visit all the links we have mentioned above.


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