What services you will get from the deep web in 2022

What services you will get from the deep web in 2022


A dark web is a part of the internet that is hidden. It involves many illegal activities and unlawful criminal acts. If you are planning to buy products or services from the dark web, then you should make sure to know about all the risks revolving around it.

It is important to know everything related to the dark web before because you might land into big trouble after buying a product from the dark web. You will also have to follow specific steps to use it using deep web links.

There is a specific web browser that is used to get access the dark web. The dark web is not indexed by any search engine so you need assistance to reach the dark web. In this guide, we will be briefing you about the services that will be available on the deep web in 2022.

Services you can get from the deep web

On the deep web, there exist a number of big marketplaces and stores you can get a variety of services. These stores can be accessed using deep web links. The services that will be available on the dark web in 2022 will include Legal services, illegal services, and inhuman services. We will break down all these services in detail in the following paragraphs.

  1. Legal services

The dark web is not only offering illegal services. Most people feel that the dark web offers illegal and inhuman services and products but not many people know that you can avail a variety of legal services on the dark web as well. Here is the list of legal services offered on the deep web.

1. News services

If you are interested in comprehensive and updated news services, then you can get them on the dark web. You can get access to all the big news portals on the deep web. Whether you are looking for local or international news dark web has got you covered. You can get to know about all the latest updates around the world while using the dark web. You can stream all the big news portals and channels to get to know about the latest news.

2. Technical services

The dark web is a leading online shopping market on the internet. If you are interested in tech gadgets and products, then you can find a variety of them on the dark web.

A wide range of stores is offering technical services on the dark web. If you are interested to buy smartphones, computers, gadgets, gaming consoles, and other tech products then the dark web is a good marketplace for you.

Services you can get from the deep web

You can choose from a variety of stores to find the best tech products in the world. Different sellers are selling a variety of tech products on the dark web.

You have to make your decision wisely to purchase your favorite dark products. You might run into trouble later on if you buy your tech product from the wrong seller.

  1. DeepTech

DeepTech is one of the most prominent shops on the dark web. It is one of the largest electronic stores present on the deep web.

The shop allows you to purchase a variety of tech products including smartphones, tablets, computers, and cameras.

The company doesn’t take a long time for shipping and also sells the products at the best prices.

  1. Apple World

If you want to buy the latest tech products, then you must visit Apple World. This Dark Web iPhone Store The website is safe and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

The store sells products like iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks. All the products available at the store are original. The store ships products all over the world.

iii. Trinixy

Trinixy is one of the most popular stores in the world and sells premium quality gadgets.

The store sells the latest phones, laptops, and a range of Apple products. Trinixy sells products at reasonable rates and offers discounts as well.

  1. Apple Store

Apple store offers a wide range of accessories. You can buy products from brands like Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Apple Store is the best store if you want to purchase Apple products. The store has been in the business since 2015 and sells authentic products.

2. Entertainment services

The dark web is not just creepy and suspicious. It offers a lot of legal content as well includes a variety of entertainment services.

If you are bored and are looking for some good video streaming platforms on the web, then you should visit the dark web.

Here is the list of best radio/channels on the dark web that will keep you entertained.

  1. Dark web series Netflix

On this channel, you can find all the latest Netflix series. If you are a fan of Netflix shows and movies, then you must add this channel to your watch list.

  1. NBA live streaming

If you are a fan of the NBA, then you should check out the NBA live streaming channel. You can catch up with live NBA matches and can enjoy all the latest games online.

iii. Boxing videos

Are you a fan of boxing? If you are missing your favorite boxers, then you should visit the dark web. The boxing channel on the dark web will keep you entertained with the best boxing matches.

Dark web series Netflix

  1. NFL

The national football league has taken the dark web by storm. You can find the best NFL matches on this dark web channel. Stay tuned to the NFL channel to watch the latest and old NFL matches.

  1. Dark web TV Guide

If you are hooked on the latest TV shows, then you must visit the Dark web TV guide. You can find all the listings of the latest and happening TV shows from around the world.

  1. Illegal services

Ironically, many types of illegal activities are going on the dark web. You can find all kinds of illegal drugs, arms, and fake degrees on the dark web.

Read on to know about the type of drugs, arms, and other illegal services available on the dark web.

1. Illicit drugs services

Most of the darknet market activity involves drugs. You can find almost every drug on the dark web. Illicit drugs are the access of a person with the minimum technological knowledge and it is all thanks to the dark web.

Illegal drugs can be purchased on the dark web with just a few clicks using deep web links. Here are the common drugs available on the dark web.

  1. MDMA Ecstasy:

The MDMA Ecstasy is available in crystals and pills. The sales of these drugs amount to a profit of $7.7 million.

  1. Marijuana:

It is one of the most commonly sold drugs on the dark web. The market value of marijuana is nearly $5.7 million.

iii. Cocaine:

Cocaine is a popular drug among students and adults. The drug can easily be purchased on the Dark Web.

  1. Heroin:

Heroin is commonly being traded on the dark web. You can find Afghan, Brown, and White Heroin at different stores on the dark web.

Different drug stores and marketplaces:

  1. Empire market

Empire market is the lord marketplace on the dark web. It has the highest sales and has 1 million users and 4500 vendors.

  1. ii. Hydra

Hydra is a popular drug store on the dark web and generated $1000000000 in sales from 2016-to 2019

iii. Versus

You can find a variety of illicit drugs at versus.

  1. White House marketplace

If you are interested in illegal security tools and drugs, then this store is recommended for you. It doesn’t have many loyal customers but it is a valuable marketplace on the dark web.

  1. Cannazone

If you love weed, then cannazone is the best shop for you.

  1. Illegal weapon delivery service

Darknet is famous for arms smuggling and trading. You can find a variety of arms dealers on the dark web. All the popular arms are sold on Darknet.

The owners of the gun store on the dark web use Tor and access the Darknet anonymously. When a potential buyer contacts them then the seller provides them with the onion URL of the store.

Illegal weapon delivery service

The customers choose the desired gun and send the payment to the vendor in the form of Cryptocurrency.

Most vendors of arms stores accept Bitcoin, Monero, and Zcash.  The arms seller gives instructions to the buyer and sends the arms through a secure and secret shipment.

The suppliers ship the guns in pieces that are hidden in books, toys, footwear, and other kinds of products. The arms are directly shipped to the PO box of the user.

  1. Fake degrees’ service

The fake degree sellers on the dark web make fake degrees and diplomas. You can find the degree samples on the dark web and choose your desired degree.

  1. Money laundering services

Money laundering services are commonly available on the dark web.

The money launders on the dark web help you to invest your illegal money in real estate, gambling, and other illegal activities.

  1. Scamming and hacking

If you want to hack into someone’s private accounts or other secure data, then you can get hacking services on the dark web.

The expert hackers and scammers on the dark web will provide you with fast and reliable hacking services.

  1. Fake passports services

You can buy fake passports on the dark web. Criminals often use fake passport services to travel around with a new identity

C- Inhumane Services

The dark web is a land of hidden services and there are a lot of times people find it intriguing. Even if there is a way to visit the dark web anonymously you should never indulge in illegal activities.

You will be surprised to know that there are plenty of hitman-for-hire services available. The darknet also offers human trafficking and other services.

It is important to understand that some of the links you go through can be a complete scam.

  1. Paedophilic Services

According to a recent study, there are a lot of child abuse sites on the internet. At least 80% of traffic goes to it.

The paedophilia sites are using hidden services to attract a large number of people. It is must more popular than the drug market itself.

Even if 83% of visitors are giving it a lot of traffic, the traces will be removed instantly from the internet. Visiting child-abusing websites is becoming more like a phenomenon.

Even though the darknet may be good in some aspects it is creating a bad impression due to illegal services and activities.

According to Tor, there are a lot of law enforcement groups who are taking an action against it. The anti-abuse groups are working hard to bring these sites down.

However, due to the counterattack from the hackers, the efforts of these groups are not fruitful. These hidden services will continue to go on until the visitors prevent themselves from visiting it.

Inhumane Services

  1. Human Trafficking services

Human trafficking is becoming very common worldwide. The services offered by the Darknet are causing an increase in the number of such activities.

As a lot of people have access to child abuse materials they are further inclined towards human trafficking services.

Human rights activists are trying hard to track these happenings on the internet. However, the efforts they put in are not reaping good results.

These sites on the dark web make use of anonymous or hidden IP addresses. They don’t appear in the search lists making it difficult to catch their activity.

  1. Hitman services

The dark web has introduced hitman services that have grabbed the attention of many people who are into illegal activities.

You will be surprised to know that the contract killers and assassins are active on the darknet. Any person can hire them as they accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

They carry out the commands from just anyone ready to pay them. Now you must be wondering why such activities happen on the dark web.

The reason is obvious as all these activities remain hidden on the internet. This idea has made it easy for the person to remain anonymous on the internet no matter what they do.

The contract killers prefer their payments in Bitcoin as it offers a secure transaction method. There is no doubt that the dark web is facilitating the activities of all these criminals.

However, another thing is very important for the users. All the websites on the dark web that offer murder for hire are not authentic. Here are some authentic websites that offer hitman services.

  • Dark Mamba
  • Assassin Network
  • Hitman Connect
  • Sinaloa Cartel
  • Hydra Hitman
  • Cyprus Hitman

How to get access to Darknet Services?

If you want to have access to the darknet services there are a lot of things you need to see.

First of all the website must be authentic or else there is no use visiting it frequently. The services of the darknet are completely hidden and there is no way the activities can be tracked on the internet. Darknet offers a lot of illegal services.

This is the place where hackers visit to steal the personal information of people. If you discover it deeply you can uncover human trafficking, murders, and other illegal activities. Here is how you can access the Darknet services:

1. Install a VPN

You need to understand that using VPN services is a necessity when you try to access the dark web. Generally, you will feel safe on the internet especially when you don’t involve in illegal activities.

If you visit secure websites that don’t have any potential harm either. According to the US Supreme Court even if you casually visit the darknet it does have a lot of risks.

How to get access to Darknet Services?

If you are caught while visiting the darknet they can raid your house and take your machine away. This is the reason why you need a VPN to keep your activity anonymous on the internet.

2. Use a good browser

The first rule of visiting a darknet website is not to use a default browser. There are popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and others that make your activities visible on the internet.

If all this doesn’t seem to be a good idea you can directly install Tor. It is one of the safest onion browsers. Some people may assume that Tor is an unreliable site and your privacy can be a cause of concern.

However, if you plan to visit a darknet site Tor is the only good option. The alternatives of Tor include matrix.org, Orbot, Freenet, and more.

3. Install a VM or disposable OS

We strongly recommend that you visit the dark web with a not-so-popular browser. It is even better if you can use a virtual machine instead of a locally installed window.

The virtual connections can catch up with Malware a lot easier than other options. Your activities can be tracked and are fully controllable too.

There are a lot of VMs to choose from and the list includes Oracle VM Virtualbox, VMware Fusion and Workstations, and QEMU. The list also includes Red Hat Virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.

4. Other ways to get on the dark web

If you are done with the installation and configuring of Tor it’s about time to get started. Tor isn’t much different from the regular browsers in terms of features.

It has a lot of search bars and quick launch icons that can facilitate the users. The peeled icon is in the middle of the screen that the user can use at any time.

5. The Hidden Wiki & Co.

The hidden Wiki & Co is more like the Wikipedia that we generally use for getting information. It looks the same and has a similar background too.

The hidden Wiki contains all the links that are associated with the dark web categories. You can get your hands on the editor’s picks and many other financial and commercial services.

Some people acquire drugs from here, especially if the site is reliable and the deal is real. Hackers have found an easy to get resources on hacking and are stealing information of users.

Potential Risks of availing these services?

Here are some potential risks for availing services from the darknet:

1. Data and privacy breach

The darknet is risky and you shouldn’t indulge yourself in harmful activities either. Once you post your data or information it can be stolen.

Potential Risks of availing these services?

There are different hackers on the darknet who want to avail your data and may do something unusual. Even if you are using these services from something legal it is still better to refrain from visiting these sites.

As these websites are used for illegal activities your social media and credit card information will be easy to steal for hackers. Some other sensitive data can be stolen if you don’t pay attention to it.

2. Scamming

When you use the services of an illegal platform you are bound to face the consequences. You may use a fake coupon or discount that can lead to a criminal offense.

If you use a PayPal account to make a transaction your account information can be stolen. It is better to remain safe rather than get scammed by hackers. As a specific browser is used to visit a darknet website you cannot claim what is stolen and how it is stone.

3. Legal risks

The darknet is a hidden segment where a lot of illegal activities are services are offered.

If you indulge in any harmful activity directly or indirectly you are likely to face legal charges.

Sometimes even when a person is not doing any bad activity but is caught visiting the darknet, they can be charged by law.

There are a lot of people who watch pornographic material while others are enticed to purchase goods from this web. A lot of drug addicts find it an easy platform to purchase drugs.

Whatever the case may be all this is punishable and you will have to face consequences.

Final Thought

The dark web offers a variety of illegal services. Even if you are trying to use darknet websites for legal purposes it is best not to use them. You can get yourself into a lot of potential risks and it may even lead to legal risk. Hackers are scammers who can steal your personal information like credit card details and other things. Darknet is all about criminal activities and destructive elements. Keep yourself safe from potential harm and use other services instead.


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