What happens if you go on the Dark Web?

What happens if you go on the Dark Web


The Dark Web is an area of the internet that not many people know about. It’s a place where all kinds of illegal activity take place. It can be difficult to find your way around. If you want to learn more about what is happening there. This post will tell you everything you need to know!

Drugs – nearly anything is on sale. There is a thriving illegal drugs market throughout the world, especially in Europe and the USA. Someone from Atlanta Georgia can order cocaine from someone living in the Netherlands. Without ever having to come into contact with anyone other than the seller because it all takes place online.

Private hitmen, or hitwoman for hire

you name the target and they will kill them for you; everything from poisoning your rival to beheading your boss

Fake Passports and IDs – ids5hackers@hushmail.com is a good example of an ID seller on the dark web, they claim to be from Belgium but it might as well be a cover-up for some NSA employees as you can find them via Google as well as on TOR links Reddit page under ‘fake id reviews’

Assassination services – On Tor Links Market place one can hire paid assassins independently or through an organization that will provide you with a list of individuals they have already assassinated so that you can pick someone close by and easily accessible, prices range from $30 000 to $50 000 depending on the level of risk attached to the hit.

Stolen Credit Card details – Prices range from $1 to $10 per credit card number, rates may be higher for American cards and decrease after successful purchase is made with stolen details or if the victim notifies the issuer of fraudulent activity.


include zero-day exploits, ransomware programs that encrypt all your files then charge you an exorbitant sum ($500+) in bitcoins to decrypt them, hacking tools used by government agencies to access private information on people’s computers at will, Malware software aimed at siphoning off bitcoin wallets…etc

Hackers for Hire – As the name suggests hiring a hacker is as easy as sending an email with what you want done and payment instructions, they will either get the job done or leave you with a ‘proof of work’ report on what has been done, there are also forum websites where hackers can exchange tips on how to break into certain computer systems

Dark web services

Personal information of all kinds – credit card details, street addresses, internet browsing history…etc

Human organs for purchase – Yes that’s right, if you are in need of an organ but short of money then contact some people on the dark web and sell whatever it is you are selling in exchange for a kidney/heart/lung/eyeball, etc…

Hiring for any purpose – Hire someone to break into your ex’s house/apartment and plant evidence which you can later on use in court to get full custody of the kids/alimony etc…

 Weapons-grade plutonium probably, nobody really knows for sure what is on the dark web because it’s hidden but I’m pretty sure it’s weapons-grade plutonium…. Maybe some Bin Laden stuff too who knows?

Child pornography

It’s there I’ve seen it with my own eyes about 2 years ago, if not mistaken JAH FREEDOM aka ‘the man who abused his 14yo daughter’ was selling kiddy porn on the dark web or at least offered to sell some if somebody wanted it.

Every imaginable taboo – Child porn (illegal everywhere), snuff videos (illegal almost everywhere) torture porn (illegal almost everywhere but freely available on the dark web with an untraceable cryptocurrency payment system in place), Russian Brides (banned in most countries but readily available for purchase via bitcoin), assassins for hire… everything your heart desires and more is here.

Forums – there are various types of sites on the dark web including discussion forums where people can discuss anything under the sun without fear of censorship or incarceration for expressing their opinions or talking about taboo subjects which you cannot openly talk about in public. There are also forum websites where hackers can exchange tips on how to break into certain computer systems and virus creation etc…

Why do people use the dark web?

There are many different reasons why people use the dark web. Some of them are enlisted below.

Privacy- the dark web can’t be accessed by your standard search engine, so it’s really easy to keep your privacy.

Anonymity- The dark web has a high level of anonymity, which makes it harder for hackers to get into your private information.

Carry out illegal Activities- This is the most obvious reason why people use the dark web. People who want to buy, sell, or trade illegal items usually go here.

Research- Some people care about their privacy so much that they do research on how to stay anonymous online and what better place than a place where other people go for anonymity? With this being said many academics have been known to use the dark web as a platform for their ideas and work.

In order to keep up with technological advancement- It’s important that people understand new technology as fast as they can because if you don’t it could cost you time, money or even just your life! Because of this, some smart individuals want to know what’s going on in our ever-changing world.

Why Do People Use The Dark Web

Browse in private-

There are some people who just don’t want anyone to know. What they browse because it could be highly sensitive information, so the dark web makes this possible.

The Dark Web can be used to get around censorship- Censorship is when a government controls the information you see so that they can control your perspective on certain topics or events without letting you know that there’s another side to the issue or situation (which usually involves things like oppression and corruption).

It’s Fun- I mean come on, what’s better than accessing secret sites? Hacking into other people’s accounts? This sounds fun right!? Well if you think like this then it makes sense why you would use the dark web.

Hack- People go to the dark web for this reason because it’s a great place to find hacking tools to do their own dirty work (of course if they’ve planned on doing illegal things like this).

Learn about different cultures by speaking with them anonymously-

Yes, you heard that correctly. People use the dark web just so that they can have anonymous conversations with others all around the globe! This is an interesting way to learn about other cultures anonymously. Which makes it possible for people who aren’t comfortable sharing who they are in real life. Or don’t feel safe speaking about themselves offline to still experience what it’s like to talk to someone else.

How to access the Dark Web?

There are multiple ways to access the Dark Web.

The 3 main methods for obtaining and using Tor (software that enables anonymous communication on the internet) are:

  1. Downloading and installing Tor (most widely used and recommended): The Tor browser is available for most browsers, but Firefox is recommended. A list of all Tor-compatible applications can be found on their website.
  2. Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN service (if you don’t know how to use this method exactly, it’s best not to do it): This allows the user to mask their IP address and encrypt their data; however, if they don’t feel comfortable using this method, then they shouldn’t attempt it
  3. Accessing through an identifying network like Google Fiber (if you can get access to this internet connection)

The first two methods are considered the safest and easiest methods for accessing Dark Web anonymously. As long as one knows what they are doing.

HOw to access the dark web and is the dark wen dangerous

Is the Dark Web dangerous?

The most common threats associated with the Dark Web are scams, viruses, exposure of personal information, and child pornography. Identity theft is also a prevalent threat on Dark Web websites due to unsecure Bitcoin transactions. While it is possible to be hacked by malicious actors. Once you access the dark web via Tor, there are steps one can take to reduce this risk significantly. These include:

1) Selecting .onion websites that end in “.” rather than “com” or some other top-level domain

2) Verifying that the website has an SSL Certificate entering any sensitive information (check here for SSL verification: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/)

3) Using a VPN if anonymity is not of utmost concern.

4) Only visiting websites that are well known for their security. (Such as the link submission page of Reddit or other popular websites within the category. That you intend to browse, like criminal activity).

5) Not visiting illegal pornography sites (the dark web contains pornography of all kinds, including child pornography; but this is easily accessible on the regular web too; so don’t feel pressured to visit these sites because they are available somewhere else).


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