Darknet Products – Risk of buying from the dark web

Darknet Products - Risk of buying from the dark web



The term dark content can better explain what a dark web is. A dark web, a hidden segment of the internet, involves many illegal activities. Most of the time, the target of dark web pages is to get access to an unlawful criminal act.

Without this explanation, you can even lead yourself to big trouble and a penalty after buying a dark web product. There is also a specific law that is about the usage of a dark web. A specific web browser is often used to access a dark web as it is not indexed by any search engine. It assists in keeping the internet hidden and unknown. It means it works via a high anonymity level.


List of Products You Can Buy on the Dark Web

The common products that you can buy on the dark web are:


  1. Child porn
  2. Digital good of every variety
  3. Drugs
  4. Fake degrees
  5. Darknet Fake passports
  6. Fake coupons
  7. Hacked PayPal account
  8. Books that are banned
  9. Stolen accounts
  10. Stolen vehicles


Let’s discuss them briefly one by one:

1. Child Porn:

It is simple to purchase many pornographic materials, including child porn, on the dark web. However, it is mandatory to look for the platforms that allow this type of trade.


2. Digital Goods:

You can find a variety of digital goods on the dark web. Even the digital goods that are rare on the ‘Surface Web’ are available on the dark web.

3. Drugs:

Unlawful dark web drugs, including MDMA, Crack, LSD, cocaine, and Fentanyl, are sold on the dark web. A large number of dark web marketplaces focus on selling these items.

4. Fake Degrees:

On the dark web, fake degrees are available. This helps in getting a certificate from any university.

5. Dark Web Fake passports:

You can buy a fake passport from any part of the globe. This sort of thing can create a lot of trouble.

6. Fake Coupons:

Dark web marketplaces also sell fake coupons. The fake coupons lead to the breach of local or state laws.

7. Hacked PayPal Account:

Hacked PayPal accounts are also common on the dark web, just like any other stolen account.

8. Banned Books:

You can find books that are banned on the clear web on the dark web. This act can lead to a big scam too.

9. Stolen Accounts:

Social media accounts, credit card information, bank account, and any other sensitive data that is stolen are available on the dark web.

10. Stolen Vehicles:

A dark web marketplace serves as a private site to trade the vehicles that are stolen.

Products You can buy on the dark web

How to Buy Goods and Services on the Dark Web

Some items, marijuana or Cannabis, are declared legal in some places of the world. However, the same items are mentioned as illegal or harmful products in some other places. So, people move towards a dark web to access these items.


Buying something from normal internet is very easy and one clicks away. But this is not the case with the dark web. It involves privacy that any other platform doesn’t provide. What happens if you go on the Dark Web?

1. Buy Cryptocurrency:

Placing an order on the dark web requires crypto coins. Bitcoin comes under the umbrella of the most commonly used crypto coins. Some dark web marketplaces also prefer the transactions in MXR as it is a private version of BTC.

2. Access Dark Web:

This step involves purchasing an item that is not available on a clear web. So, before this step, you need to make sure that you have enough digital coins in an online wallet. After this, you can access the dark web and make a purchase.


A Tor browser is required to access the marketplaces. So, you are ready to visit the content on the dark web after being connected to the Tor browser.

3. Use VPN:

An optimum VPN is required for concealing the original identity. It should work in the background and run before running the Tor browser.

4. Browse Dark Web Marketplace:

Locating the item requires browsing the dark web marketplace. You can find a search bar on many dark web marketplaces. So, you can go towards finding any preferred dark web product easily.


The owners of the dark web marketplace suggest individuals encrypt the orders via PGP. Clicking the submit button sends the order to the seller and deducts the price.

5. Account Creation and Funding:

This step involves the creation of an account after mentioning all the information. The recovery of a password may be a complex step. Once you are done with the account creation, you can look for an account or wallet button.


6. Make Purchase:

After creating the account and funding the wallet, you can make a purchase. If you have enough BTC or crypto coins in your wallet, you can buy something instantly.

Potential Risks of Buying from the Dark Web

What Law Says?

Using a dark web is not among illegal acts. However, using it for an unlawful act or approaching unlawful platforms is an illegal activity that is punishable. The punishment varies with the content you access.

Watching Inappropriate Material on the Darknet:

Watching inappropriate videos or images can lead to charges that you need to pay. The maximum punishment can be about 3 years imprisonment.

Buying Drugs from the dark web

Punishment for Illegal Drug Dealings:

Illegal drug dealings can also lead to a prison sentence or fine. The punishment severity depends on the number of dark web drugs and the drug types.

Punishment for Illegal Firearms Dealings:

Illegal firearms dealings can also result in some serious penalties and offenses. A 5-year is the minimum sentence for this illegal act. The imprisonment also varies with the age of a person.

Wrap Up

The sample of harmful activities that are popular on the dark web is disturbing services, illegal materials, and stolen data. Examples of illegal materials include toxic chemicals, unlawful drugs, and many other substances that can cause danger to a great extent.


It is easy to purchase hacked Netflix accounts, log-in details, bank card numbers, and other sensitive information on the dark web. However, the purchase from a dark web can put you in great danger. So, we advise you not to use the dark web for making an illegal purchase.



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