All about The Dark Web Links: Where to Get & How to Use

All about The Dark Web Links: Where to Get & How to Use



You might have heard of the dark web, but have you ever used dark web links to access it? After all, navigating the dark web is not easy and it can get some getting used to if you want the best experience. Keep in mind that you only step into the dark web using a specific tool.

The tool hosts onion links that you can’t access with your regular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge. If you want to access the dark web, you will have to use the Tor browser to visit dark websites. The browser offers you the anonymity you need to route your traffic through many nodes.

So, if you are looking to understand more about the dark web and dark web links, you are in the right place. Here is your complete guide.

Dark Web Explained

Before we move on to understanding dark web links and websites, you must know what it is. In simple terms, the dark web is used for content that is not indexed by search engines. You need special authorization or software to access the dark web.

Such a part of the internet is only accessible through specific browsers that will help you access dark websites in no time. Keep in mind that the dark internet is created to offer you anonymity by keeping all communication private through encryption. It routes online content through various web servers.

While many people say that the dark web and criminal activity go hand in hand, that is not true. That is because the dark web is simply an anonymous space where people can retain their privacy.

What Is The Tor Browser?

If you want to access dark web links, you will need a Tor browser on your computer. The Tor browser offers you the Tor network, where the traffic is layered using encryption methods and it is routed through a random relay that wraps it in another encryption layer. All of this is done three times through a decentralized node network, known as a circuit.

The nodes are used to run through privacy-focused volunteers. They make it challenging for anyone to track you or the dark websites you use to check where you are located. The best part is that the Tor browser also cleans your cookies after your session and it deletes all your browsing history.

Another thing you might want to remember is that typically if you visit two unique websites that utilize the same tracking system, you will be followed across both. However, the Tor browser overcomes these issues as well because it spots such things and will open up a different circuit for you, which will make the connections look like two different people. Because of this, the dark web links can’t link the activity or identify if the same person has logged in to one of the sites.

Dark Web Explained

Steps To Access The Dark Web

Now that you are familiar with the basics of the dark web, you must know how to access everything there. After all, it is a completely different ball game than using your normal internet and browser. Here are the top steps you have to follow to access the dark websites:

1. Use A Safe And Reliable VPN

Even before you begin using the dark web, you must connect to a safe and reliable VPN that you trust. That is because many people think Tor and VPN are the same things when they are not. A Tor browser will help you navigate the dark web links and much more.

On the other hand, a VPN will ensure that your ISP is not visible to anyone. So, when you download and begin using the Tor browser, no one will know you are doing it.

2. Download The Tor Browser And Install

Once your VPN is on, you must download and install the Tor browser on your computer. It is a free browser that will encrypt your traffic through the Tor network for your safety and anonymity. You can download the browser from their official website.

Keep in mind that there are many people and websites that offer unlicensed third-party downloads of the browser. However, you should stay away from them and not download them because they might with malware that will harm your computer.

3. Start Browsing The Dark Web

Now that you have the Tor browser all ready to work, it is time for you to begin using the dark web and browse through dark web links. The browser will enable you to access .onion domains of the dark internet. You have to remember that there are no regulations on the dark web.

That is why you must always confirm the authenticity of dark websites before accessing them. It will help you have a much better experience as you will not be visiting any websites that might harm your computer or hinder your privacy.

4. Always Protect Your Identity

When you access the dark web, you must always remember that there are scams that exist. That is why if you are communicating with someone about a purchase, you must always protect your identity. You can do this by using anonymous and encrypted email addresses.

Besides that, you can pay using an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet. It is always good to take steps to protect your identity in this way so that no one can scam you to cause you any harm on the dark web links. Once you take this step, your experience will become much better in no time.

dark web links

What You Will Find On The Dark Web

The dark web is always going through changes and it is incredibly hidden. That is why it can be challenging for you to navigate the world of dark websites in the beginning. However, here are the top things you will find on the dark web once you start using your Tor browser:

1. Link Directories

If you want to access a specific website on the dark web, you will need to know the exact page URL. The challenging part is that these URLs are not easy to remember. That is because they are a big string of random letters, numbers, and other characters that don’t make any sense together.

However, one good thing is that there are many dark web links and pages that can help you find these pages. Such pages even categorize the onion links that make it easier for you to begin browsing your journey. So, you can find link directories to help you navigate the dark web in no time.

2. Onion Versions Of Popular Websites

Did you know that the dark web has dark versions and onion links to popular websites, such as BBC, The New York Times, CIA, and many others? If you can’t access the surface web version of these websites, you can always come to the dark web for exploration. That is because the surface web has strict regulations and not everyone worldwide can access these websites.

So, you can access these dark websites from the comfort of your home without any issues. You will also have to remember the dark web links of these websites so you can access them in no time.

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3. Black Markets

Black markets are nothing new and they also exist on the surface web. However, the dark web is a different ball game altogether when it comes to black marketplaces because you will find anything and everything here in no time. You can buy and sell all types of goods, such as drugs, weapons, credit card numbers, Netflix accounts, and more.

Keep in mind that the existence of these markets is illegal. That is why anonymity is one of the most important values of the dark web because of which it is flourishing. The payment methods are also limited to cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, and many others so no one can identify buyers on dark websites.

4. Email Services

Even email services on the dark web will require you to use Tor and you can only send emails to other people who are also using Tor. That is why there are many dark web links for email services you can use to communicate with people on the dark web. You can easily find onion links for these in the directories as there are many that will help you get started.

Keep in mind that such email services are secure and anonymity is always protected. That is why you can use these services and begin communicating with other people on the dark web in no time.

5. Chat Boards And Forums

You will find many chat boards and forums across the dark web. They are mostly about topics that are not safe to discuss on the surface web or other parts of the internet. People over here can discuss anything from illegal activities, dangerous activities, and much more.

Many people also use dark web links for these boards to access forums where hackers talk to each other. Yes, hackers on the dark web trade in stolen data, such as credit card numbers, digital identities, passport data, and much more. First, they obtain this information through illegal methods and then they sell it on the dark web for money.

The Top 20 Dark Web Links On The Dark Web 

Now that you understand most things about the dark web, it is time to understand the various dark web links you can access and what you will find there. Here are the top links you can use to begin your dark web journey:

1. The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is perhaps the best way you can begin to access the dark web. As the name suggests, it is the dark version of Wikipedia and you will find endless online links here as it is the biggest directory for links. You will get all the onion links you need to access dark web content and services.

Keep in mind that you will have to tread carefully with the dark web links you click on this directory. That is because The Hidden Wiki is a database for almost all types of websites on the dark web. So, you have to ensure you don’t open something you don’t want to see.

For example, Hidden Wiki has a significant reputation for hosting many child pornography and pedophile dark websites. Besides that, many people also make copy versions of the Hidden Wiki. So, always check the link before you click.


2. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the top dark web links that are the most popular search engine on the dark web. The best part about this search engine is that will collect or share any of your personal data. Fortunately, you will also find this search engine on the surface web if you want to give it a try.

If you want to surf the web with anonymity and privacy, there is no better search engine than DuckDuckGo. The engine does not monitor your browsing activities and it will still offer the best answers to any questions you have. The search engine has onion links, which is why you can access it on your Tor browser.


3. ProPublica

Unless you are living under a rock, you have probably heard of ProPublica. It is one of the most popular online publications that won five Pulitzer awards in 2016. The aim of the website is to expose any public trust betrayal or abuse of power through using the full force of investigative journalism.

The website is available on the surface web, but it also has an onion website for you to use dark web links to access it. So, you can use the Tor browser to visit the website with anonymity, especially if you live in an oppressive country where you can’t access this website. You will find all sorts of controversial stories on ProPublica.

That includes controversial stories from corrupt politicians on topics such as child labor. The publication is available in Spanish and English for your ease of reading.

The Top 20 Dark Web Links On The Dark Web

4. Daniel

Are you looking for more ways to explore dark web links and websites? If you are, Daniel is another link directory that will give you access to thousands of links on the dark web. You will find more than seven thousand onion links sorted into categories so you can begin exploring in no time.

One of the top features of Daniel is that it will show you if a dark website is online or not. That means you will not have to open and load each link on the list to confirm if it will work. It is one of the best features of Daniel because the Tor browser has long loading times and the feature can save you the time of finding links that work.


5. Hidden Answers

Do you love reading Quora or Reddit on the surface web? If you do, you will love Hidden Answers even more as it is the dark web equivalent of Reddit and Quora. You can ask whatever you want on this website without getting censored.

When you visit these dark web links, you might think that Hidden Answers is an abandoned website, but that is not the case. The community members will always answer your questions after you post them. Keep in mind that because this is an unfiltered aspect of the internet, you might have to deal with unpleasant conversations.

The best part is that Hidden Answers is one of the best websites for beginners of the dark web. It will allow you to learn more about dark websites and how the web works.


6. Sci-Hub

If you feel that there are lots of barriers to obtaining scientific knowledge on the surface web, then you can always use Sci-Hub on the dark web. It gets rid of all barriers that you experience in obtaining scientific knowledge. The dark website has millions of documents on scientific research worldwide.

The aim of these dark web links is to ensure the availability and accessibility of information by making it available for free. The best part is that the website has a goal of advancing research on many terminal illnesses, such as cancer and many others. All the scientific publications are unbiased and will enhance your knowledge in no time.

Keep in mind that Sci-Hub has gone through many outages before. That is why the location of this website might be subject to change.


7. Onion Link For Facebook

Yes, it is no surprise that dark web links also contain an onion link to Facebook. After all, it is the most popular platform on the surface web and almost everyone is on it. We all know that Facebook collects our data and might even share our information with others.

Unfortunately, the onion link of the platform does not work to improve your privacy. Instead, it is a good option for people who live in countries where access to Facebook is restricted. So, if you are living in such a country, you can access this dark website on the Tor browser.


8. SearX

SearX is one of the best metasearch engines you can use on the dark web and on the surface web. The best part about this engine is that it will share your IP address or search history to ensure your privacy on the web. Besides that, it blocks any tracking cookies to prevent results based on user profiling.

SearX is one of the top dark web links that will submit your queries through HTTP POST. Doing this will avoid any keywords from appearing in the logs of the webserver. Another great feature of this engine is that you can easily search for lengthy and complex queries.

You can also search for videos, files, social media posts, maps, images, and much more. So, your search experience on the dark web will become better in no time.


9. BBC Tor Mirror

It is no surprise that many oppressive regimes still exist around the world that suppress information. For example, in North Korea and China, the government ensures heavy online censorship and blocks many websites. The BBC site is one example of such a site that is not available in these countries.

That is where the dark web links of BBC come in. The news website has an onion link you can access on the dark web. The primary aim of the onion link is to offer access to the content without censorship, regardless of where you are from.

The best part is that the onion link for BBC is an international edition. So, you will not only access news from the UK but from around the world in no time.


10. SecureDrop

There are dark web links for whistleblowers too, where they can safely share information with journalists. One such dark web link is SecureDrop. You can use this dark website to talk to journalists without any fear of tracking. On the surface web, whistleblowers can’t do this because they have sensitive information regarding companies or governments.

So, on the surface web, there is always a risk of tracing and prosecution as anyone can track these whistleblowers in no time. That is why SecureDrop is one of the best dark websites that will protect the privacy of whistleblowers and journalists. Unfortunately, the onion website link is not available at the moment.

However, many publishers and news organizations have their own SecureDrop URL you can use. These include the Forbes onion link, The Financial Times onion link, and Reuters onion link. You can access these dark web links if you are a whistleblower and want to connect with journalists to share the information you have with anonymity and security.

11. ProtonMail

Email service links are also common dark web links you will find on the dark web as people want to communicate anonymously and with some privacy. ProtonMail is an email service based in Switzerland and it is incredibly easy to use. The service protects all your conversations by offering end-to-end encryption.

The best part about this dark website is that you don’t need to give your personal information to create your email account. ProtonMail is available on the surface web and as an onion link for the dark web. Of course, with the dark web, you will get more privacy and security during communication.

Besides that, to offer extra protection to users, ProtonMail also uses SSL and HHTPS encryption on the onion website. Because of this, third parties will find it incredibly challenging to look at your email traffic.

BBC Tor Mirror


Cryptocurrencies are the future, and that future is here and now as there are already a lot of transactions happening using this digital currency. Of course, crypto is also the dark web currency as it was first on the dark web before the general public started using it. Of course, now there are various cryptocurrencies people can use.

There are also many dark web links for cryptocurrencies that you can use to sell or buy any cryptocurrency you like. BlockChain was among the first sites to launch on the dark web. The primary aim of the creation of this dark website was to get rid of cryptocurrency theft and offer more security.

Besides that, the onion website has an HTTP security certificate to offer protection to users. So, if you want to deal in cryptocurrency on the dark web, you must visit this onion link.


13. Wasabi Wallet

Of course, if you are dealing with cryptocurrency on the dark web, you will need a suitable wallet. Wasabi is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets you will find on the dark web. The best feature of this wallet is called CoinJoin, which combines various coins from different users into one transaction.

Because of this, it will become extremely challenging to figure out who you are making transactions with. That is why it is one of the best dark web links to offer you security and privacy when dealing with cryptocurrency. Of course, this is not the only security feature that Wasabi Wallet offers.

Another security feature that this dark website uses is known as the Neutrino protocol. The protocol is used to verify transactions by assigning a task to the client instead of the server. So, it will help you get rid of any vulnerabilities related to your server.


14. Deep Web Radio

Are you bored of exploring dark web links and you need some music to help you power through? If you do, then Deep Web Radio is the best dark website you can come across to help you with your needs. It is the digital radio station of the dark web where you can groove to the music and enjoy.

The best part is that the Deep Web Radio offers all kinds of music streams you can listen to through the Tor browser. There are at least more than eleven channels and all of them play a unique music genre.

15. ZeroBin

Are you looking to share dark web links or all the other content you find on dark websites? If you are, then one of the best ways to do this is through ZeroBin. It is an effective messaging tool that enables you to copy and paste an image or text and send it to an address you want.

The best part is that even the platform will not be able to see what you are copying and pasting on it. That is because the data encrypt through the Tor browser before it reaches the servers of ZeroBin. You can count on the best security and privacy when using this tool.

Besides that, you can also set strong passwords to protect the message you are copying and pasting. You can also select how long your message will take to expire. That is why ZeroBin is an anonymous, secure, and safe messaging tool you can use on the dark web.

Deep Web Radio

16. The C.I.A

Yes, even the US Navy has created an onion link for their CIA. The primary aim to create this website was to help informants provide information through a safe channel on the internet. So, they created an onion website so all the informant’s identities can be protected over the internet.

Besides that, it is also one of the top dark web links that help people worldwide access information and the resources that the CIA offers in no time. You can also go to the onion website and browse around to see what kind of resources and information they offer.


17. Ahmia

If you want a Tor search engine, Ahmia is one of the top dark web links for you. Ahmia offers itself to users as a hidden service search engine. The best part is that it also works hard to eliminate any child abuse content from the search results to ensure you are not coming across anything you don’t want to see.

That is why if you want to explore the dark web but you are afraid of what you will come across during your search, then you must use Ahmia. It is one of the top search engines by the Tor browser that will enhance your user experience in no time.


18. Comic Book Library

Not everyone uses dark web links to engage in something they can’t do on the surface web. Some people also come here to look at niche comic books that one will not easily find anywhere else. That is why Comic Book Library is one of the top dark websites that will help you find excellent comics.

You will find thousands of comic books on this onion website that you can download and read whenever you like. Comic Book Library has everything from mainstream comics to ones you will have trouble finding anywhere else. However, you must be aware of copyright infringement before you begin using this website.


19. RiseUp

RiseUp is an excellent dark website that provides users with a secure chat option and an email service. The platform was created 23 years ago for people working on social change. The best part is that this platform is protected from malicious attacks and government interference.

Besides that, the platform does not store any record of communication for your security. Keep in mind that you will need an invitation code to create an account on RiseUp. Because of this, you will have to know someone who is already using RiseUp so they can send you an invitation code.


20. Imperial Library

For all the book nerds out there, Imperial Library is one of the top dark web links where you will find endless digital books. You can get any publication you want in this library without any hassle. For example, the Imperial Library has a collection of over 500,000 books you can choose from to begin reading what you like.

Keep in mind that you still have to avoid copyright infringement even when you are on the dark web. That is why you must tread carefully when reading books from Imperial Library.

Risks Of Using The Dark Web

Keep in mind that no platform is risk-free. Even the dark web has its risks and dangers that you must keep in mind before you begin using it. For all the dark web beginners out there, here are the dangers on the dark web you must look out for:

1. Scams

Yes, you will find many scams on the dark web as many dark web links and websites will entice you with free cryptocurrency or cheap cash. As a general rule of thumb, you must remember that if an offer is too good to be true, then it usually is.

Of course, the only problem is that detecting scams on the dark web is more challenging than on the surface web. That is because you can’t use a search engine such as Google to find out if a certain onion link has a reputation for scams and phishing.

On the other hand, there are endless dark websites that have an outdated user interface. Besides that, they also have few seals or badges to prove that they are a legitimate business. So, you can’t judge from the URL or interface if the website you are visiting is a scam.

One way you can avoid this problem is by not clicking on any links you find suspicious. You must only visit websites that are indexed by reputable link directories on the dark web.

2. Botnets

If you don’t know already, a botnet is a network of various infected devices. The problem is that the network devices are infected and the owners are not aware of this infection. That is because the hacker in charge of the botnet will use the device to facilitate DDoS attacks, spread viruses, or phish for private information.

The problem with the dark web is that it is incredibly challenging to discover these botnets and take them down. There are many hackers that also use dark web links to sell the botnets they have created to other users. Many others buy these botnets to control a big network of infected devices.

3. Pirated Content

Pirated content is also available on the surface web and you will find this on the dark web too. The dark web has millions of pirated content that includes games, movies, shows, books, and much more. Of course, the only problem is the piracy law that you have to check before you use such content.

Before you begin to open or download any pirated content on the dark web from dark web links, you must check the piracy laws of your country. That is because if you unintentionally download the pirated content, you will be breaking the anti-piracy law of your region. If you want to avoid this risk and danger, you must not engage in downloading anything from dark websites.

4. Illegal Porn

Finally, you will find that there are endless websites on the dark web that are dedicated to illegal porn. These include various content such as rape, violence, child pornography, and bestiality. If you accidentally watch any such content, you will be breaking the laws of the country you reside in.

Dark web links are not easy to understand, which is why many people end up clicking unintentionally on websites that they don’t want to see. If that happens to you and it leads you to a porn site, then you must take caution next time. The best way to check the website without opening it is to check the link directory for the website description.

Once you do, you will gain awareness of the kind of content you might come across when you click on the link. Keep in mind that you must not download any videos from porn websites on the dark web. That is because you will be breaking laws and you might encounter a file that contains malware, which will harm your computer.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to understanding all about dark web links, what they offer, where you can get them, and how you can access them in no time. Before you venture into the dark web, you must always have these links to help you navigate and find the right content on the dark web. That is because you will find anything and everything on it.

So, if you don’t know where to start or how to access dark websites, you must follow our guidelines. Once you do, your dark web experience will become much better in no time.


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